About Brittany Gates

You clicked this page to learn about Brittany Gates and what this website is all about. I treat this page like when I go to a job interview, and the job interviewer throws out the question “Tell me about yourself.” Because you want to know that too.

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What I look like

About Brittany Gates: The Present

I used to work a day-job working at a web hosting company providing technical support for the company’s dedicated servers and virtual private servers running CentOS but quit in June 2022. Now I’m back to full-time self-employment which is what I did since January 2021.

I’ve worked in the Technology-field for over a decade now because I didn’t make a good enough living as a writer back in my early 20s. I made a career change to make money. The punk in me says I sold out but I do like having the ability to pay my bills and eat. But I haven’t abandoned writing! I’m slowly making a career change back to writing since I paid off all my debts and saved up a nice nest-egg.

As for other vital stats about myself, I’m single and don’t have any kids. When people find out this fact, most are surprised. When asked, I just tell them I’m having too much fun being single (which is true) and I don’t want kids (because I love my freedom too much). Other people ask me if I want to get married, and the answer is yes. When is that going to happen? Only God knows.

About Brittany Gates: The Beginning

I was born and raised in the great state of Georgia, and still there. My family was born and raised in rural Alabama. My grandparents moved to Georgia because my mom was born sick and required better doctors and housing.

Although my grandparents weren’t impoverished, they didn’t have access to make the improvements needed for my mom’s care. Their home wasn’t insulated for heat and my mom needed the warmth to breathe well. Plus, the rural doctor knew he didn’t have access to the medicines and care the cities had.

I was born in July 1982 so I’m an “Elder Millennial.” I turn forty soon and I’m looking forward to what the next decade is going to bring.

As for siblings, I have a younger brother. He was born four years later and is also a Leo! So my mom has some head-strong yet competent children.

Writing Career: Part 1

I’m restarting my writing career after about taking a decade or so off. When I graduated from college in 2004 with a B.A. in English my plan was to become a published writer. The problem was I didn’t have much of an idea of how to make that happen. I did work at my college’s newspaper and magazine, but I didn’t venture out to see how could I write like that in the “real world.” Frankly, I was naive and didn’t seek help.

Instead of seeking guidance, I went out and got a job. I had student loans to repay in six month and needed money. So that started my “career” of working various jobs. During that time I wrote a book and various short stories. I think around this time I subscribed to Writer’s Digest, Poets & Writers, and The Writer magazines. That’s when I learned about query letters, submitting pieces of writing journals, writing contests and other things writers could do to get published.

From 2005 to 2006 I wrote query letters to agents, sent off short stories to be published in literary journals and tried my hand at writing contests. In return, I either got rejection notices or no response at all.

Writing Career: Part 2

Then in 2007 I learned about self-publishing. It was this year where I took two big risks:

  • Quit working full-time to write and live off savings
  • Pivoted from the traditional form of publishing and put all my effort into self-publishing.

I uploaded my books and short stories to Smashwords and Kindle Direct Publishing. Some copies were sold but not many. And toward the end of 2007 I came to some hard realizations:

  • My savings were low and I needed to get a job again.
  • I wasn’t going to make it as a writer
  • My writing talent just wasn’t ready yet for publication.

From here, I made a plan and left writing for a career in Technology. I wrote a book about that transition which you can buy from Amazon. From 2008 to about early 2019 I didn’t publish anything although I continued to hone my writing craft.

Now I’m back to writing and self-published more books on Amazon and Gumroad.

That ends all about Brittany Gates.