About Me

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You clicked this page to learn about Brittany Gates and what this website is all about. Well, that’s me to the left, and this page is about me reporting about video games and technology (two topics I love to talk about) using my entrepreneur viewpoint.

I do this because I think there aren’t many individuals and/or publications reviewing and writing about these industries this way. Oh yes, there are several that review the industries from a macro (or big business) viewpoint, but I think many regular people and/or customers can’t relate to those pieces or reports from time to time. Yet, America (and the world) has so many freelancers and small businesses owners and they can relate to reporting from an entrepreneur angle.

As for me, I’ve worked in the Tech Industry for over a decade now. My last job before I went full-time into self-employment was providing technical support for a web hosting company. Before that I worked in Twitter from 2017 to 2020 as a Site Operation Technician in their Atlanta, GA data center. I have quite a bit of experience working in data centers for different IT companies.

As for my personal pursuits I am a writer and self-published my books on Amazon and Gumroad. In addition, I publish short stories on Wattpad. I am currently writing a new novella which I hope to finish the first draft by the end of 2022 but I’m not sure just yet if I will meet that deadline.