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Amazon Layoff Affects Alexa And Luna Divisions

amazon layoff affects alexa and luna
Amazon layoff starts with the Alexa and Luna divisions, and will then travel into several other departments in the company.

I wrote an article yesterday about reports of Amazon planning to lay off 10,000 employees. Unfortunately, that report was true. Amazon layoff affects Alexa and Luna divisions. The former is the personal assistant device, while the latter is the cloud gaming service. According to CNBC, information about the layoffs appeared on LinkedIn.

Amazon Layoff Affects Alexa And Luna And Will Spread To Other Divisions

As I wrote in my previous article, Amazon plans to cut at least 10,000 employees in their corporate divisions. Those departments include retail, devices, and human resources. Yet, the company hasn’t expressed the exact number of job cuts because it appears their situation is “fluid.”

In addition, Amazon hasn’t notified their staff about the layoffs which is causing more stress. Anonymous employees report frustration with the company’s decision. And I can understand why. Employees want to know the truth about their job and the health of the company. That way each employee can make the decision whether or not to start looking for another job. If employees read rumors online about upcoming job cuts then they’ll look to their boss or their company for guidance. Without receiving any, frustration grows, causing more disruption in the workplace.

It appears now the Amazon layoff affects Alexa and Luna divisions, and contractors working in other department. The CNBC article details reports from Amazon contractors let go within the past few weeks. Those individuals worked in “recruiting roles for its advertising, internal operations, and Fire TV divisions.” One of the fired contractors said she was in talks for a full-time position with the company but her interview was cancelled without notice.

We’ll have to wait and see which other departments see job cuts. It appears Amazon is going through this process slowly, which isn’t bad in my opinion. They probably don’t want to repeat the mistake Elon Musk made with his hasty job cuts at Twitter, requiring him to try to rehire specific employees.

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