Atom Text Editor: My Go-To For Writing Code

Here’s why the Atom text editor is my go-to for writing code, like JavaScript and Python, along with creating Web Development apps and websites.

Why I Love Atom Text Editor

I love using Atom text editor because:

  • It’s simple
  • It’s open-source
  • Several plugins to choose from
  • It works with tons of programming languages

Atom is simple to setup and use. I love its clean interface which doesn’t distract me from programming. Now that doesn’t mean the application is barebones. Oh no, the editor has many settings to configure and you can tailor it to fit a specific color pallet e via several themes.

Next, Atom is open-source software, which I like to use. I’m writing this article on my computer running Fedora 35 currently. I use some form of Linux as the OS for my web servers. Heck, I have specific Linux certifications. With open-source software we have all access to source code and can modify it for our own needs. You can even distribute your changes to others if the licensing allows it (and it usually does).

Speaking of tailoring the application, Atom has hundreds if not thousands of packages to improve your productivity. If you need a linter package for a specific language like JavaScript, you can find plenty. Looking for an extension to format your code as you write? You can find those too. Need an autocomplete package? Atom has your back!

Finally, this editor supports several programming languages. Yes, I primarily use it for writing HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and some jQuery but you can use it to write Python, C, C++, so many others. Usually the application will detect what programming language you’re using but you can also set it manually. And it great for making Web Development websites and applications. I used it to create my two web apps: Black History Facts Generator and Where Should I Go Eat?

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