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Back To Udemy | My Journey To DevRel Engineer At Google

On March 29th, 2024 I found myself back to Udemy to find a Java programming course so I could continue my journey to become a Developer Relations Engineer (DevRel) at Google.

In the first post of this series I discussed the reasons why I’m learning Java. Well, since that post’s publication I finished the first course recommended to me, and looked into the free training provided to Google employees on LinkedIn Learning and Coursera. Unfortunately, I didn’t really like them due to outdated courses, or I didn’t connect with the trainers.

And that’s when I went back to Udemy.

Why I Went Back To Udemy

I’ve had great luck with the service in the past. Plus, there’s always a sale so I could get a course or two for a nominal price.

I used it to teach myself Python, improve my WordPress skills, and learn about Web Development. So I knew there would be a multitude of Java programming courses that would fit my need.

My search didn’t take long. I saw a course from the authors of the Python course I took way back in 2018 to 2019 and loved. I clicked on the course, read about how it was recently updated, and got ready to purchase it. Then I saw the bolded text on the page that I already purchase the course.




Then it hit me: I purchased that Java programming course a year after I purchased the Python course. After several hours of training, I got frustrated with Java, and gave up! I thought I would never use the course in the future so I forgot about it. Until now. Until I needed the course now. Oh, how my past actions came to benefits me years later.

The authors continue to update the course, with the last update being in March 2024. Its focus is on Java 17, but I recently installed version 22 OpenJDK on my laptop and haven’t seen any problems yet.

That’s what I love about Udemy courses: Many of the authors continue to update or refresh their courses, and customers continue to receive those updates forever. Granted, it behooves the authors to keep their courses fresh as to gain new customers. Plus, technologies do improve and people don’t want to learn outdated material.

As of the publication of this article I’m using the course to continue learning Java and I’m having fun! This time my mindset is more open, and I’m ready to take on the challenges the programming language will offer.

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