Build A Self-Publishing Writing Brand

If you are interested in self-publishing your book the easiest part of the journey is writing it. If you want to know why I believe that please read the article I wrote here. One of the most difficult parts of this path is gaining an audience. One of the ways to do this is to build a self-publishing writing brand. How can you do just that? I have 3 steps you can follow.

Step #1 To Build A Self-Publishing Writing Brand: Use Social Media

The first step to build a self-publishing writing brand is to use social media. You probably started this step without knowing it by talking about your short story or book, maybe even showing pictures of the manuscript. Plus, this is an inexpensive way to gain an audience.

However, make sure you don’t spread yourself too thin by creating accounts on different social media platforms. If you do then you will spend more time posting new content and uploading images instead of working on your book. While it’s good to invest time into building your brand, you need to keep from getting consumed by it.

So what should you do? Choose one to two social media platforms to target readers. This decreases the amount of time creating content and responding to comments. Also, choose a platform you want to use, instead of choosing a the popular platform for the moment. Plus, you want to pick a social media platform that’s easy to use. Because if you choose one with a high learning curve you spend more time learning how to use it. Finally, you want to use one with a mobile app so you can post on the go!

As for me I use Twitter almost exclusively to build my brand. This platform has a great writing community, a big self-publishing community, and it’s very easy to use. Plus, it’s easy to stay on the pulse of the reading community.

Step #2 To Build A Self-Publishing Writing Brand: Buy A Domain Name

The second step to build a self-publishing writing brand is to purchase a domain name.

As a self-published writer, your brand ties to your name or pen-name. Thus, you need to buy a domain name related to your name. This way when people search for you, your website containing your books comes up first in the results.

This step does cost money but a domain name is fairly inexpensive. You can buy a .com domain name from various domain registrars for under $10. In addition to purchasing the name you will have to renew it yearly, which requires you to pay another fee. Again, the costs are very reasonable.

I use Namecheap for all of my domain names, and I highly recommend them due to their ease of use, fair costs, and customer service. (That’s not an affiliate link so you purchase anything from Namecheap I won’t get any commission. I just suggest them to everyone I know.)

Final Step: Build A Website

The final step to build a self-publishing writing brand is to build a website. This step goes with the previous step.

Your website should contain information about yourself, the list of your books, where to buy your books, and a way for people to get in contact with you.

Now, there are free ways to develop a website. offers a free edition. In addition, Wix offers a free website plan. However, I must caution you that these free editions are usually limited, and you will probably spend money to get more features.

I spent money developing my website, as I used the self-hosted version of WordPress. This involved more work for myself, but I know how to build websites so it wasn’t hard for me. I chose this route because I wanted to have control over the look and design of my website.

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