Built By WordPress: Is The Service Worth The Cost?

Several months ago I came across a story while browsing my phone: Automattic, the company behind WordPress, created a new service called Built By WordPress. This service, geared toward businesses seeking a custom WP website but unsure of who to trust, would partner trusted WP developers with customers with deep pockets. How deep? At first the service cost $4900. Now, the costs start at $2000. So is Built By WordPress worth the cost? Let’s look at its benefits and find out.

Why Did Automattic Create Built By WordPress?

Two reasons: Wix and Squarespace.

These companies started off offering website and hosting packages to those wanting to build basic websites for their blog, hobby, or maybe a simple site for their business. However, these companies now offer professional services, trying to gain market share from WordPress. If you want to build an Ecommerce store or even develop an enterprise site for your growing company you can do so on Wix and Squarespace. Both sites also give their customers the ability to hire an expert who will handle all the difficult parts of building a website.

So you see that Automattic had to compete with not only Wix and Squarespace but other companies in this market. People want WP websites but if they’re not technically-savvy then doing a self-hosted option is out of reach. And using wordpress.com is nice but its features weren’t great a few years back. Now, Automattic drastically changed the features on wordpress.com by introducing Built By WordPress.

Who Would Use Built By WordPress?

If you’re an individual or company seeking a premium WordPress website for your business but aren’t sure how to go about creating one then Built By WordPress is for you. As I said before, building a self-hosted WP site is great but not if you have no experience using the software.

Of course these individuals could go to Fiverr or UpWork and hire a WordPress developer or design house to help them. However, it’s hard for those new to WordPress, or Web Development in general, to pick a good consultant or designer. Because of that, scams can happen. One could lose money by hiring an inexperienced developer. Or a developer could overcharge for their services. Sometimes developers lie and produce a poorly-designed website. Finally, those individuals could end up with a website that doesn’t fit their needs, causing them to spend more money on a redesign.

So with this service you deal with employees of wordpress.com who help design a website based on your requirements. An account manager will help you along the way, answering questions and providing support. Thus, if you run into trouble you don’t have to track down your developer; there’s an entire team ready to assist you.

Is The Service Worth The Cost?

Now it’s time to talk about money. Built By WordPress isn’t cheap. Their service starts at $2000 but expect that to rise sharply depending on your site’s requirements. Especially if you want to run an Ecommerce store or a Membership website.

I think paying $2000 for a professional website with a team that will assist you along the way is pretty reasonable. The average Web Developer charges about $75 an hour. To meet the starting price of a Built By WordPress site you’re looking at about 26 hours of a developer’s time. Depending on your requirements, you may end up spending more or less.

Finally, I think this price-point is within the budgets of many individuals and companies. Especially when you factor in the site will be hosted on wordpress.com and all the backend maintenance is handled by the company.

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