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Data Center Workout: Cardio, Lifting & More!

If you want to get slim – and who doesn’t – and some muscle definition – because toned bodies do look nice – along with earning a nice paycheck then my new data center workout is for you! My workout plan is for five days a week and beginners and experts can use it. And the best part is that you get to make money while working out! Why wouldn’t you join today?

Data Center Workout Gets Your Steps In

With my data center workout plan you will get in your recommended number of steps daily. How will that happen? Because the buildings are huge! As an employee you will have to walk long distances no matter your position in the company. Depending on the parking situation you can have a long walk from the parking lot or garage to the lobby. And from the lobby there can be another long walk from there to the offices. Finally, whenever you have to travel into the data center floor that will be another long trip. With all these jaunts one can walk several thousands of steps per day. I knew people who regularly walked 10,000+ steps per day in an eight hour shift.

With these many steps a person can lose weight and get healthy in no time if he or she eats a healthy and balanced diet. And that’s key if you want to be successful with this plan. I worked with several individuals in the data center who walked just as much as me but didn’t lose any weight. Their problem? Poor eating habits. Twitter provided free snacks including candy and those individuals chose the candy and sodas over healthier options.

Data Center Workout Builds The Muscles

Now my data center workout will also build the muscles because there’s always something to lift in the data center. Be it a server, a box of hard drives, or a Juniper line card. And you will lift these items repeatedly every day. By using proper form this form of resistance training will build muscles and tone the body.

I squat quite a bit each day and my quads and glutes saw a marked improvement. Also my arms not only grew but got more definition from repeated lifting in various positions. Finally, my strength saw a marked improvement. I could move many heavy items in and outside work without much effort.

Now, building muscle will help you lose weight but you won’t see that on the scale. Actually, your weight will increase. To track your weight loss you will have to track your measurements instead. Using a tape measure you can watch your waist, arms, legs and other parts of your body decrease. Thus, you can watch your body shrink even though the numbers on the scale goes up.

And You Get Paid To Workout!

Not only will you get your steps in and build muscle, but you’ll get paid to workout! That’s why working in a data center is a great job for many. It doesn’t matter if you get a position as a data center technician or work in the Facilities Department. Even the janitorial staff gets in a good exercise each day. So if this plan sounds like one you would like to implement look for an open position at the local data center today!

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