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Disco Elysium Devs Claim Fraud By Studio Execs

disco elysium devs
Two former Disco Elysium devs claim their studio stake was stolen by the studio's executives through shady buyouts and fraud.

The situation surrounding ZA/UM, and its game Disco Elysium, and the key developers behind the project continues to expand. Previously I reported why the studio fired the key developers. Now the Disco Elysium devs claim fraud by the studio executives in their Medium post.

What The Disco Elysium Devs Claim

Going through their Medium post two of the key devs, Robert Kurvitz and Aleksander Rostov, say they held minority shares of the game through Zaum Studio OÜ, an Estonian company. That company owns everything related to Disco Elysium. An Estonian businessman and investor, Margus Linnamäe, owned a majority of the company’s shares. Then in 2021 Linnamäe sold his shares to another Estonian company, Tütreke OÜ. This company, according to Kurvitz and Rostov, belongs to Ilmar Kompus and Tõnis Haavel, the executives of ZA/UM.

After Tütreke OÜ became majority shareholders the developers claim the studio excluded them from daily operations. And eventually the studio fired them. Kurvitz and Rostov claim their firing came weeks after asking for company information, such as financial information. And they still haven’t receive that information.

Regarding The Fraud Claims

Kurvitz and Rostov detail their fraud claims saying: “We have now learned that Tütreke OÜ must have obtained control over Zaum Studio OÜ by fraud. We believe the money used by Tütreke OÜ to buy the majority stake was taken illegally from Zaum Studio OÜ itself….”

The developers and their lawyer believe this was a criminal action and should be punishable by law. And the pair states Tõnis Haavel has a history performing these actions because he was convicted of defrauding investors in 2007 on a different matter.

Because of these claims, Kurvitz and Rostov are investigating their legal options in both Estonia and the UK. We’ll have to wait and see how this legal drama is going to turn out. Because now ZA/UM and the developers will and are going to sue each other.

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