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Disco Elysium Lawsuits Keep Coming

disco elysium lawsuits
A new lawsuit against ZA/UM regarding the fight over the Disco Elysium IP emerges, this time from the former Executive Producer of the game.

The Disco Elysium lawsuits keep coming. Frankly, this entire situation is messy. The game’s studio, ZA/UM, alleges some former employees created a toxic work environment. Then the key developers fired by the studio claimed fraud by the studio’s executives. And I reported in that article the key developers planned to sue. Now we have the details from one of those lawsuits.

Disco Elysium Lawsuits: Latest Information

According to (who got this information from PC Gamer, who got the information from Estonian Ekspress) the former Executive Producer of the game, Kaur Kender, sues ZA/UM stating the studio (specifically the CEO, Ilmar Kompus) “cheated” him out of about one million Euros. Kender asked the court to seize the CEO’s stake in the studio to prevent it from selling or transferring the any of the holdings during the lawsuit.

Now the studio claimed the key developers tried to steal the game’s IP to sell it to another company. Yet, it appears from the latest details from the newest lawsuit ZA/UM wants to sell the studio to Microsoft, Tencent, or Amazon.

And to top it all off, Kender alleges the company holding Disco Elysium’s IP is Yessirnoir LTD, who ZA/UM UK owns. This company has a director by the name of Anu Reiman, who is reportedly a partner of Tõnis Haavel. Haavel is the former Executive Producer of the game with a troubled past. He was a banker who was convicted of investment fraud in 2015. Kender alleges in his lawsuit individuals are using Yessirnoir LTD to hide Haavel’s involvement in the game because he still owes 11.2 million Euros from his 2015 conviction.

In a strange move the CEO denies there’s a lawsuit against him when the Estonia Ekspress asked him. Then the CEO didn’t respond with the publication showed him the legal documents.

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