Don’t Disable Comments On Your YouTube Videos

I give advice to individuals starting their YouTube channels and one of the questions I get is about comments. Yes, I know that YouTube comments can be a pain to say the least. However, they are critical to the success of your channel. So don’t disable comments on your YouTube videos. Why? I’ll explain why in the following sections.

Don’t Disable Comments On Your YouTube Videos Because That Kills Channel Engagement

The first reason you shouldn’t disable comments is to keep the engagement on your channel.

YouTube is all about keep people watching videos. And those people usually like to read what others think about the video. Thus, they’ll scroll down to read the comments. When people don’t see comments because they’re disabled then they’ll probably stop watching. I know I do when I run into this issue.

When viewers abandon your videos quickly, usually within the first 1 to 3 minutes of starting it, that destroys your engagement. YouTube’s algorithm learns your video isn’t good and it will recommend it less to others. The reason the platform does this all relates to advertising. If your video isn’t engaging then people won’t watch and YouTube can’t put ads on it. If YouTube can’t put ads on the video then they don’t make any money from advertisers.

I enable comments by default on all of my videos. And I do read my comments. Yes, I get trolls saying bad things about me. And I do get criticism. Yet, that happens when you put your content out there in the public space. Some people will like it, and others won’t. If you decide to block everyone from speaking then people won’t watch you. Thus, your channel will eventually die because YouTube won’t recommend your videos.

Don’t Try To Avoid Criticism

Yes, don’t disable comments on your YouTube videos hoping to avoid criticism because that’s won’t work.

What I usually see if that creators get upset when they see negative comments on their videos. I totally understand why: Rejection sucks. However, if you made mistakes in your video, or if the video isn’t good, these comments will help you improve. I use to have sound issues in my videos that I would miss. Reading my comments helped me resolve that issue. I also had comments disagreeing with my position and I read those too to understand the viewer’s prespective.

Another thing I see when creators stop everyone from commenting is that other channels pop up to react to that creator’s content. Then those channels keep their comments open and viewers flock to those videos to discuss. That sucks the engagement and views from the previous channel and enriches the other channels.

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Dee Dawg

These are very good points. Thanks for the advance.

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