Don’t Skip Vehicle Maintenance

This is the last post for the Transportation section in the How To Live Totally Free plan. Yet, this doesn’t mean the article is the least important. Actually, it’s the most important if you are going to keep and maintain a car or truck. Don’t skip vehicle maintenance!

Don’t Skip Vehicle Maintenance Unless You Like Huge Repair Bills

The first reason you don’t skip vehicle maintenance is so you can avoid having huge repair bills in the future. Now, I can tell you from experience that skipping on oil changes or ignoring the weird noise my car made because I didn’t have the cash were major mistakes. Regular oil changes extends the lift of the car’s engine. And weird noises can be a part deteriorating. Because I ignored it and waited too long to fix that lead to a major repair bill and being without my car for nearly two weeks.

Don’t Skip Vehicle Maintenance Unless You Want To Purchase A Replacement Vehicle In The Future

Another reason to maintain your vehicle is so you can keep it as long as possible. The longer you have a car, preferably one without a payment, the longer you can keep from spending money on a replacement.

I’ve had my current car for 9.5 years now. I bought it brand new in 2013 and I decided upon purchasing it to make sure maintain it properly unlike my previous cars. And that decision worked out well for me. Although my car has gone through several recalls it’s still running well nearly 10 years later. And I continue to get the oil changed and other services on time. I think that’s the major reason my car lasted so long.

Learn To Do Some Maintenance Yourself

Another way to save on car maintenance is to learn how to do some of it yourself. You can easily learn how from YouTube. Yet, you may have to invest in certain tools if you don’t already own them. Yes, this is an extra cost. However, dedicating yourself to doing this maintenance allows for the tools to pay for itself over time.

There are some vehicle maintenance tasks you can do on your own (usually):

  • Performing an oil change
  • Changing out brakes
  • Checking fluids
  • Rotating tires
  • Replacing the cabin air filter
  • Changing the battery

I try to do some car maintenance myself to save some cash. Yet, I’ll take my car to the pros if I’m short on time.

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