Don’t Vent To Your Viewers

I make video for YouTube and I stream on Twitch. Lately I’ve seen more and more creators from both platforms complain about issues affecting YouTube and Twitch to their audience. Usually their complaints revolve around lower views than normal or a lack of new subscribers/followers. This is a bad move in my opinion. In this post I’ll explain why you (creators) don’t vent to your viewers.

Don’t Vent To Your Viewers Because They Don’t Care

The first reason why you don’t vent to your viewers because they don’t care. I know this may seem callous but it’s the truth. When someone watches YouTube or Twitch they want entertainment. They want to decompress from a long day or want to watch something on their break. Others tune in as they work, hoping this makes the day go by faster. So when these viewers have to hear a creator complain about low views or no new followers they probably roll their eyes and switch to another video or stream.

Honestly, viewers don’t care what we creators have to go through go to produce content for them. They don’t care how long it takes or the money and time we have to invest it in. Just they want to watch. Again, some creators may think their viewers are unreasonable to think this way but do they care what’s going on in their viewers’ lives? Do they care about what their viewers have to go through daily at their jobs? Nope. Creators just want as many people as possible to watch their content.

Finally, if you want to really disappoint your viewers then keep complaining. If creators think their views or watch time is lower than normal now what till viewers defect from their channels. And they will! Viewers know many creators make good money from their channels, especially if they have thousands of subscribers/followers. Plus, these creators get to work from home and make their own schedules. Many viewers have jobs requiring them to commute to and from work, and work a specific schedule. They would love to wake up whenever they want and spend a few hours recording and editing a video.

Instead, Vent To Other Creators

If you as a creator are having problems on your platform then I suggest venting to another creator. Because that person knows exactly with you’re going through. And maybe he or she can provide some tips to improve your situation.

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