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Dropbox Suffers Breach, 130 GitHub Repos Stolen

dropbox suffers breach
Dropbox discloses it suffered a security breach back in earlier October when GitHub notified them of suspicious activity with their repos.

Dropbox suffers breach according to a recent blog post on their Dropbox.Tech site. The company discloses they were a victim of a successful phishing attack, and the hackers was able to steal 130 GitHub repos containing company data. The hackers didn’t steal customer data or payment information.

Dropbox Suffers Breach: How The Hack Happened

Dropbox suffered a similar phishing attack that GitHub fell victim to earlier this year. Hackers impersonated CircleCI, a Continuous Integration and Delivery platform. This platform allows developers to update their code in real-time without requiring major downtime and disruption. The hackers sent out emails to GitHub users (and this time Dropbox employees) stating there was a problem with their account, their session timed out, or the individual needs to accept new Terms of Service. Upon clicking the link, one goes to a fraudulent CircleCI or GitHub login page. Upon entering one’s credentials and Two-Factor Authentication code, the hackers have the information to log in and take whatever they want.

GitHub notified Dropbox on October 14 of some suspicious activity on their GitHub account on the prior day. Then the company noticed the breach after some investigation.

Dropbox Suffers Breach: What Did The Hackers Take?

After doing a thorough investigation Dropbox discovered the hackers didn’t have access to customer data (including Dropbox accounts) or payment information. And the hackers didn’t have access to core infrastructure or applications because of their strictly monitoring and control. What the hackers got access to were GitHub repos containing code with credentials (mostly API keys) used by Dropbox’s developers. Unfortunately, these repos do contain thousands of names and email addresses of previous and current Dropbox employees, previous and current customers, sales leads, and vendors. The company notified the affected individuals.

The Company’s Response & Actions

Upon discovering the breach, Dropbox disabled the hackers access and changed all the affected credentials. As of now the company is working to adopt WebAuthn faster, which is a Web Authentication API. This should improve their security measures. In addition to using that API, Dropbox will send out hardware tokens or biometric factors for their employees to use.

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