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Elon Musk’s Inner Circle Managing Twitter Now?

elon musk's inner circle managing twitter
Elon Musk's inner circle appears to be managing Twitter now, and is speaking with remaining Twitter managers to run the company and possibly layoff employes.

Is Elon Musk’s inner circle managing Twitter now? Yes, according to a new The Washington Post article. It appears these individuals are working with Twitter’s manager, getting up to speed about the company’s operations and making future plans about employee headcount. The newspaper was able to get pictures of the inner circle at Twitter offices. And the individuals have Twitter employee accounts and titles as “Staff Software Engineer.”

Who’s In The Inner Circle?

These people are in Elon Musk’s inner circle:

  • Alex Spiro: Musk’s longtime lawyer
  • David Sacks: Founding COO and Product Leader of PayPal
  • Jason Calacanis: Internet entrepreneur and angel investor

Elon Musk’s Inner Circle Managing Twitter And Wants To Layoff Employees

The rumors about employee layoffs at Twitter will not stop. I already reported about Elon Musk’s plan to layoff 75% of the employees to help make the company profitable. The Washington Post reports the new owner’s crew is working with Twitter’s manager to start a round of layoffs in different departments. These departments, ranging from Sales to Engineering, will reduce employee headcount about 25%.

The two departments that may see the largest cuts are Engineering and Sales because these departments have the highest salaries. According to The Washington Post some Sales employees make over $300,000 a year!

When Will The Layoffs Happen?

The article doesn’t state a timeline for when the layoffs may happen. There’s reports Elon Musk wanted to fire employees before November 1st so he wouldn’t have to payout their stock (which happens in November). However, with November 1st just hours away from the time of posting this article I don’t think layoffs will happen today.

If I had to guess I would think the layoffs could happen in January 2023. I don’t see how performing a large cut of 25% of employees before the U.S. holidays would garner affection from the public at large for Elon Musk. However, I think he wouldn’t care.

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[…] So one can assume that Jack Dorsey wants to stick around to help Elon Musk turn Twitter around. Thus, he didn’t sell his shares. However, this move doesn’t give the former co-founder of Twitter any power in making decisions in the private company. Elon Musk still has total control even though he is taking guidance from his inner circle. […]

[…] Then reports came that layoffs would only cut 25% of the employees, a number matching up with what the former Twitter executives planned for 2023. That report came out from the meetings of Elon Musk’s inner circle with the remaining Twitter managers. […]

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