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Escape The Dark Kickstarter Exceeds Its Goal

escape the dark kickstarter
The new project from Themeborne started its Kickstarter today to raise 120,000 pounds to produce the board game based on The Last of Us franchise.

I reported earlier this month about a new board game from Themeborne based on The Last of Us franchise. Today starts the Escape The Dark Kickstarter, and within hours it exceeds its goal of 120,000 pounds (about $137,000). At the time of this article’s posting Themeborne raised over 183,000 pounds (about $214,000)!

Escape The Dark Kickstarter Details

Escape The Dark Kickstarter allows individuals to pledge money toward the project to support the board game maker, or purchase the Standard or Collector’s Edition.

By pledging one pound (about two dollars) a person becomes a Survivor, which doesn’t offer any reward. Basically, it’s a way for anyone to help Themeborne pay for its costs to produce the game. However, upon its release Survivors will get the opportunity to purchase it.

Those pledging 65 pounds (about $75 dollars) get the Standard Edition. That edition include just the board game but it does ship to anyway in the world. Also in this edition are two game boards, six player boards and tokens, more than forty game extra-large cards (like Location Chapter and Threat cards), more than one hundred small cards, more than forty custom dice, and over eighty tokens and markers.

Finally, those pledging 99 pounds (about $114 dollars) get the Collector’s Edition. That edition includes everything from the Standard Edition but includes alternate box art, six character miniatures (Joel, Ellie, and more), over thirty Clicker miniatures (to replace the threat tokens), dual-layer player boards, dual-layer calendar board, and storage containers for dice and tokens.

My Thoughts About The Kickstarter

So what do I think about the Escape the Dark Kickstarter? I think pledges get their money’s worth. Although the Standard Edition has the cost of a first-party video game it comes packed with cards and tokens and dice. There’s enough for players to get different cards, tokens and dice combinations so that eliminates repetition.

In addition, this game is replayable because there isn’t just one route to take through the game. Players can make different choices each time which creates a different outcome. So I could see a group of people playing the game over and over to see what the different outcomes are. Finally, each game only takes 60 minutes to complete which makes it great for a game night or even a party.

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