Fasting Saves Money On Groceries

Today I start telling you how to save money on variable expenses in the How To Live Totally Free plan. First up is your food bill. How can you reduce the amount you spend here? I have an unconventional way: Fasting. Why would I suggest going without food for long periods? Because fasting saves money on groceries. I fast regularly and I save money because I don’t need to buy as much food as before.

How Fasting Saves Money On Groceries

The major way this way saves money on your food bill because you slowly train your body to go without food for a longer period. Thus, when you eat you may eat only once or twice a day.

“Won’t you eat more food when it’s time to eat, Brittany?”

Good question. Some people can overeat when they break their fast. However, the more often you fast you will find when you break it you won’t eat a large quantity of food. And if you try to stuff yourself you’ll get sick. That happens to me when I don’t eat for a long time (like 12+ hours). I’ll think I need to eat a larger meal because I may only eat once that day and then I’ll eat too much. To stop that from happening I’ll eat a regular size meal. If I’m hungry after I’m eating I’ll drink more water. Now, if I’m still hungry after that I’ll eat a small amount of food.

“So how does this save money when buying groceries?”

Another great question. The reason fasting saves money on groceries because you reduce the amount of food you’ll buy. If you only eat twice a day then you only need enough food for those meals. When I go shopping I only buy food for lunch and dinner because I don’t eat breakfast anymore. Thus, I don’t need to buy the foods I would normally eat during breakfast. And that’s how I save money on food.

How To Start Fasting

I wrote a blog post about how to start fasting here. Overall, you want to pick which meal you want to skip. That could be breakfast or it could be dinner. It all depends on your needs. You may discover your body needs food shortly after you wake up but you can skip lunch and eat dinner just fine. Or your body doesn’t want food in the morning.

After you determine which meal to skip then stick to that schedule. It’s best not to confuse yourself and your body by eating your skipped meal, or eating much later than normal.

Finally, start slow. I don’t suggest fasting for an entire day and drink only water and black coffee. That’s something you can try after fasting regularly for a month or so. I rarely fast for the entire day unless I’m sick.

If you miss any of the posts of the How To Live Totally Free series you can find all the posts here.

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