Four Day Work Week: Should Your Business Consider It?

Some companies, big and small, are moving to four day work weeks. This gives their employees an extra day off because they either work four, ten hour days or four eight hours days. This move is happening because companies are looking for ways to keep their employees or attract new ones. Plus, a growing number of employees want an additional day off from their employment, even if they have to labor a longer during their shift. So with this information is this change a good move for your business? Should you consider this work week for your employees? Let’s review the pros and cons.

You Should Consider A Four Day Work Week To Stay Competitive

A good reason to consider a four day work week is to stay competitive. Not only are you competing for customers, but for employees too. Now many entrepreneurs will offer a higher salary to attract talent, but money isn’t the biggest motivator for employees anymore. Especially after getting through the global pandemic.

This article from Digital explains that a growing number of employees seek job flexibility. While some are fine with working five, eight hour days, many are not. They want the flexibility to attend to personal tasks during the week, or just enjoy a day off that’s not Saturday or Sunday. If you aren’t willing to consider this work week type then you’re probably going to lose employees to another business.

You can always do a trial basis to see if this will feasible for you and your crew. Trying this out for two weeks at least should give you some good data whether this is or isn’t working for you or your customers. And speaking of customers is you decide to fully commit to this work schedule you will have to let your customers know. It’s normal for businesses to close for one day during the week now so they should be accepting of. It’s best to give them some time to prepare, however. You don’t want to shock them with an immediate move.

You Shouldn’t Consider A Four Day Work Week If Your Business Can’t Handle It

A good reason against choosing this work schedule for your business is that it can’t handle it. Certain industries need consistent working hours each day of the week due to customer’s requests or business requirements. If your business falls into this category then I keep the standard five day forty hour schedule.

However, you must remember that some potential employees may not apply for positions at your business. And current employees may leave because they want the flexibility. I suggest you have a honest conversation with current and potential employees about this topic. Explain why you can’t move to it. It’s best to explain yourself than avoid the issue.

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