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Free WordPress Guide Available To Read On My GitHub Account

While reading Twitter during the Independence Holiday here in America I came across a tweet from a person working in the Technology Industry. This particular person decided to release his book to the Open Source community so they could read it for free. And he did so via GitHub. That got me thinking about doing the same for my two WordPress guides I previously sold on Amazon as ebooks. After doing a quick search on Google to see how to go about formatting and releasing my book onto my GitHub account I got to work. After spending the better part of July 3rd and 4th on this project I released my free WordPress guide: Create Your Business Website With WordPress.

Is There A Catch With The Free WordPress Guide?

Nope. You don’t have to sign up for my newsletter or provide your contact information to receive my free WordPress guide. All you have to do is visit the GitHub repo here. There you can read the Markdown version of the book. I’m currently working on creating a HTML and PDF version of the ebook so more people can read it. I hope to have those version done some time this month. It will take me longer because I do travel for work and I work on this project (among others) after work and on the weekends.

Why Did I Release This Book For Free?

I release the book originally on Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) over two years ago. I sold some copies and made some money for my efforts. Now is the time to release it for free because there are people out there across the world who could use this knowledge but might not have the money for it. And I do want to give back to the community who helped me when I started my journey into WordPress and creating websites long ago.

What Topics Do I Cover In The Guide?

In my free WordPress guide, Create Your Business Website With WordPress, I cover the following topics that are required to build a successful business website:

  • How to create and purchase a domain name
  • What is web hosting and Where to find the proper plan for your website
  • Recommending several ways on securing your website against bad actors
  • How to setup a WordPress development environment
  • Finding the proper WordPress theme for your business industry
  • The plugins to install to make your business website successful and secure
  • How to test your website
  • How to release your website to the public

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