Freelance Website Design: Isn’t For Me (And Maybe You)

Freelance Website Design: Isn’t For Me (And Maybe You)

Earlier this year I got the idea to open a freelance website design company because I have the knowledge and experience. I built, design, and host my websites with little issue. I could that for others and make a decent living. So I wrote up a business plan, started work on the business’ website, and then shelved it all. Yep, after thinking about this venture I decided it wasn’t for me. And if you have the idea to do freelance website design this business may not be for you either. Why? I’ll explain.

Freelance Website Design Isn’t For Me Because Of Customers

The main reason I decided not to go forward with this business venture because of the customers. While I do have great customer support skills I know that’s not enough to deal with customers these days. Especially when it comes to website design and technical support. Here are the main reasons why:

Many Customers Lack The Funds For The Website They Desire

Unfortunately, many customers have champagne tastes but beer budgets. Because of this they want the fancy website for their online store or their business but don’t have the money for the designer to build it. That leads to tough discussions and a possible argument and I rather not deal with that.

Oh, I could try to convince the customer to reduce their vision but sometimes that’s not a possibility. These types of customers want it all because the website is their livelihood or a major part of it. Thus, they must have the best of everything even though they can’t afford it.

Customers Have No Idea What They Want

What’s worse than a customer who wants a fancy website but can’t afford it? A customer who has no idea what he or she wants in their website. These individuals will come to you with a vague idea and want you, the designer, to flesh it out. The interaction can go something like this:

Customer: “Oh, I want a website for my online store.”

Me: “Sure. Are you selling domestically or international or both?”

Customer: “Well, I haven’t decided that yet. I just want a store to sell things.”

Me: “What type of products will you sell?”

Customer: “I’m not too sure yet. I’m testing that out. I think I want a website like Amazon or Ebay where people can buy all types of products.”

Me: * Screams internally.*

Customers Want You To Do All The Work

Finally, customers want you, the web designer, to do all the work.

When I was helping people out here and there I would ask about pictures and content for their website. These people would have neither. I would have to tell them how to find free pictures to use, how to resize them, and how to write content for their website. Over time I stopped helping them because I was doing more and more of the work without any compensation.

The same would happen within the business. And again the customer wouldn’t have the money for me to do all that work. I write content for my websites and my social media accounts so I can do it but I won’t do that work for free.

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