Give Viewers What They Want…To A Point

When I talk to those wanting to create a YouTube channel one of the top questions is how to become popular on the platform. My advice is this: Determine what you want to make and what the public wants to watch. And once you find what attracts views then give viewers what they want to see. However, you don’t want to fully commit to just giving into the public. You must create content that you want to produce too. Here’s why.

Give Viewers What They Want, But Be Wary Not To Overdo It

Once you discover what topics attract viewers to your videos continue to give viewers what they want. However, don’t overdo it.

Why avoid this? For one, you’re probably going to get sick creating that content. I will use myself as an example. The most popular videos on my channel is a series I call “This Is How NOT To Run Your Business.” In that series I analyse the business decisions that various content creators make on various platforms to determine what they’re doing incorrectly. That way others can learn from their mistakes. Each episode I make gets thousands of viewers, especially when I focus on a particular creator. My viewers want me to focus on this creator more and more but I don’t give into their demands.

Why not? Well, if I do then my content will become more and more about that creator and that’s not the objective of my channel. I want to focus on various people. In addition to that reason if I just discuss that one creator I’ll get bored. There’s not always a lesson I can impart to others and that’s what I created the series: To teach others how to run their creator businesses properly.

Will This Scare Away Some Viewers?

Yep, this will. However, I found out those viewers come back to watch when I release videos they want to watch. I can’t fault them for that because I do the same with other channels. It’s unreasonable to think all your subscribers will watch every video you release.

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