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God Of War Ragnarok Graphics Modes Released

god of war ragnarok graphic modes
Santa Monica Studio releases the various graphics modes players can choose from for on the various PlayStation consoles for God Of War Ragnarok.

Santa Monica Studio released the God Of War Ragnarok graphics modes today. Depending on the PlayStation console players have, they will be able to choose from various modes.

Let’s Review The God Of War Ragnarok Graphics Modes

Here’s the image the studio tweeted out this morning containing all the different modes:

god of war ragnarok graphic modes

As you can see there are several modes to choose from for the PS5 but not many for the PS4. Especially for those owning the base model of the previous-gen console.

God Of War Ragnarok Graphics Modes Options For PS4

For the base or standard console players don’t have a choice as they are stuck with 1080P with a 30 Frames Per Second (FSP) target. That last word is what we should focus on. Because of the age and the technology running the base console it appears it won’t be able to hold a steady 30 FPS for the game. So I’m not surprised by this revelation.

However, those who own the PS4 Pro consoles have two modes to choose from: Favor Quality or Favor Performance. Both offer HD Quality graphics, but the former provides higher-quality HD with resolution ranging from 1440P to 1656P. However, to achieve this resolution the FPS isn’t set to 30 FPS as it’s only a target. So if players want consistent 30 FPS then they should choose the Performance mode.

God Of War Ragnarok Graphics Modes Options For PS5

The best performance and look will happen with the PS5. And we see there are several graphics modes players can choose from. Again, we see the two modes: Favor Performance and Favor Quality. The former has an unlocked 60 FPS for the most part. And the latter sees lower unlocked FPS between 30 FPS to 40 FPS but higher-quality resolution.

Which Mode Is Right For You?

Well, this is going to depend on your setup. If you have a base PS4 console you’re stuck with the Standard mode. However, if you have a PS Pro and a higher-quality HD TV then consider using the Favor Quality mode. You would get the best-looking game this way even though you’re sacrificing FPS. Don’t choose that mode if you want the most FPS possible.

If you own a PS5 and a higher-quality HD TV, especially a top-of-the-line one, Favor Quality would offer the best look. Again, you’re sacrificing FPS to achieve that look. However, if you want smooth gameplay then choose Favor Performance because it has the unlocked 60 FPS.

Finally, you can switch between the modes to see which one works for you. And that’s probably the best move overall.

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