Goodreads Is Horrible For Authors

I’ve used Goodreads for years now as an author to handle the details about my books. And when I started using the website it had it problems. I thought things would improve because Amazon owns it. Well, it hasn’t. Today I hit a breaking point with the site. I wanted to update the cover images of my books because I changed them and I couldn’t because I don’t have librarian access. These are my books! I added them to the Goodreads database! What do you mean I don’t have librarian access. That’s when I realized Goodreads is horrible for authors and the site isn’t going to improve. I deleted my account and decided to write this post.

Why Goodreads Is Horrible For Authors

The main reason that the website is terrible to writers to use to add and/or modify their books is the software running it. It’s so difficult to add a book to your Author’s Profile, especially if you self-publish your works. I thought since I publish my books through Kindle and Amazon owns Goodreads it would be easy to add those books. Turns out that’s not the case. I would search by title and even by the ASIN (Amazon Standard Identification Number) and the site couldn’t find my books. More often than not I would have to add my novels to the database.

I had no problems with that. Yet, when it came time to update my books because I changed the cover or updated the description I couldn’t sync the changes. I read the Help Articles and ran into problems. To make a long story short, I created a new edition of the book (even though there wasn’t a new edition) just to add the new changes. Then I made the new edition the default.

I can’t understand why Goodreads continues to be broken like this when it basically is the top book site for readers. And I can’t understand why the site doesn’t integrate with books published through Amazon Kindle. That’s like YouTube not using Google accounts for signup. This reason and more is why I gave up and deleted my account. However, this moves doesn’t delete my books from the database. That wasn’t my goal.

What Am I Using Now?

Since Goodreads is horrible for authors what I am using now to replace it? My website.

That’s right I’m using my website as the definitive source for my books. It’s already working because when I search my name + books my Amazon Author profile or my website or my Twitter account comes up. And that’s the way I want it.

Yes, the Goodreads links show up in the results but it’s after the others so I’m fine with that.

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