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Google Cloud Platform Versus Heroku

google cloud platform versus heroku
Which Platform-as-a-Service is better when it comes to price and product offerings? I write about my experience using both.

I’m pitting two popular Platform-as-a-Service sites against each other. That’s right: It’s Google Cloud Platform versus Heroku!

Google Cloud Platform Versus Heroku: Why The Setup?

I’m pitting the two against each other because about two month ago Heroku wrote a blog post about ending the Free Dynos on November 28, 2022. I used Heroku to run my two web apps: Black History Facts Generator and Where Should I Go Eat? And the service worked great for me and many others learning coding. We could deploy our projects to show the entire world. Or if you trained others, Heroku was a great platform to host your training materials and/or projects for your students to access. Yet, the August 2022 announcement will bring all those options to an end.

Instead, if you want to use Heroku you will have to pay for it. And that costs is $7 a month per application. Thus, if you have many applications you want to run the cost becomes expensive quickly. Either one of my web apps bring in revenue so paying $14 a month to run both isn’t feasible nor reasonable. So I had to look for a different platform. That search lead me to Google Cloud Platform.

Google Cloud Platform Versus Heroku: What’s The Cost?

When it comes to Google Cloud Platform versus Heroku cost is a main factor for me and many others. Again, I wanted to find a free platform to host my low-traffic web apps. And guess what? Google Cloud Platform offers a free tier that’s very lenient, but still offers great performance. You can read more about the free offerings here. Here’s a short list of what you get for free:

  • Access to 20+ products (including popular ones like Compute) with monthly limits
  • In total $300 in credits for 90 days for new users to use on their various products
  • Businesses can get more credits if they verify their business email address

I’m using the App Engine product in the Standard Environment, and the free tier limits me to 28 instance hours per day. That’s plenty enough for my low-traffic web apps. However, if you need to run a Cloud Operating System then you can run a free Computer service limited to 1 e2-micro instance per month. This may or may not work for your needs, but it is free so why complain?

Finally, I am using the Operations product which provides logging and metrics. I configured it to send me an alert via email if either of my apps suffers some type of error. In addition, I can review the metrics of either app. There are limits to this, however, just like the other products.

Will Google Cloud Platform Work For You?

I think this is a great option for a student or someone leading programming who wants to display their projects online. The free options with its limits aren’t a deterrent and offers enough room for web apps, databases, and more to grow.

Now if you have a high-traffic website, or a project needing more power and/or limits than what the free tier offers then I suggest you compare the costs of Google Cloud Platform to Heroku and other PaaS. You may find you get more for your money elsewhere.

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