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Halo Infinite Forge Beta: Will It Bring Back Players?

halo infinite forge beta
Halo Infinite Forge Beta releases November 8 after a long delay, Will it entice players who stopped playing the game to come back?

Halo Infinite Forge Beta releases tomorrow, November 8th. Will this long-awaited feature bring back players who left the game months ago? I review the possibility it will.

Halo Infinite Forge Beta: The Details

Yep, you read that right: The new feature releases as a beta. And anytime any game releases as a beta players believe it’s incomplete. The studio, 343 Industries, states in their blog post about the upcoming release that the Forge isn’t. The developer says about the Forge Beta is “…still incredibly powerful with immense functionality that will continue to improve and evolve over time. And don’t let the “Beta” moniker fool you—this free update will be permanently added to the game for everyone. Once it’s here, it’s here to stay (along with all the content being created).”

It appears the upcoming release will now allow players to build, develop scripts and bots, configure lighting and audio, and share their maps with others. Does this all work? Players will have to wait and see. However, since the studio is still working on the Forge be ready to see and experience some bugs. Hopefully those bugs aren’t game-breaking.

Will This Bring Back Players?

So will the Halo Infinite Forge beta bring back players? I believe it will, but I don’t know how many will return. Checking ActivePlayer I see within the last 30 days the game lost about 43,000 monthly players. I believe those players will return because of the new release because the Forge is a fan-favorite. Many of them love to build their own maps to not only play on, but share with others.

This release could break the average daily player record of 202,000+ per ActivePlayer. However, that’s probably not going to happen since Sonic Frontiers and God Of War Ragnarok releases this week. Maybe releasing the Forge beta around the same time as games wasn’t the best idea but November is packed with other popular games so there probably isn’t a good release window at all.

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