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Heroes City Superman Edition Is A Scam

heroes city superman edition
Do not purchase Heroes City Superman Edition on Steam because it's a stolen free demo from the original creator, TJ ATOMICA.

Heroes City Superman Edition,a game currently available to purchase on Steam, is a scam! Do not buy it at all! I won’t link the game in this article because I don’t want anyone to purchase it by mistake.

Why Is Heroes City Superman Edition Is A Scam?

Because the developer of the game, Hero Game Studios, took the free demo from the original creator, TJ ATOMICA (real name Tyson Butler-Boschma), and published it on Steam. The original creators explains this in a review for the game. I’ll include a small part of his review there because I don’t want to link to the game at all:

My name is TJ ATOMICA, and I am the original creator of a mod called A Superman Style Flight Experience (UE5) which I uploaded to for free earlier this year.

On Wednesday morning (2nd Novemeber) I was made aware of this game being sold on Steam that uses the Superman Demo mod I made earlier this year. I put it on for free for people to enjoy mainly as a proof of concept and now this “Dev” has downloaded it, somehow got it through Steam certification, and is selling it to people in the Steam Community.

However, TJ ATOMICA had to make sure someone didn’t make a similar version to his game because he “used a bunch of Marketplace assets to build the mod” so he purchased it. This is what he found:

However a huge thing that stuck out to me was how every colour of the character was the same, the body shape and globe and boot choices. Also, I am yet to see another person figure out the cape physics like I did, it was hard work to make it work in the Matrix Awakens demo because Epic disabled the system. Something I know most people have not figured out… even other mod videos on Youtube show the same character creator without the cape because of the difficulty getting the cape working.
To be safe, I bought this game… my game, to absolutely confirm it was my project, and I have confirmed this just now when I played it, and found the opening level I created from scratch WITH A MESSAGE FROM ME, explaining to players how the simple demo works and offers two doors to walk through. This 100% confirmed to me this project was the one I made and this developer just downloaded, stole, and passed this work off as their own.

Yep, the “developer” Hero Game Studios didn’t remove the personal message. Either the “developer” didn’t think it mattered, or couldn’t figure out how to remove the message. In my opinion it’s probably a mixture of both reasons as people who steal other people’s work to sell them as their own just want to make a quick buck. They don’t want to do much work to hide their tracks because they believe it doesn’t matter. And for most consumers it doesn’t. If a game’s listing looks official enough then an interested customer will probably purchase it.

The Fight To Remove The Game

TJ ATOMICA left the Steam review to warn others about the stolen work. However, the “developer” then blocked him from leaving additional comments. In addition, the “developer” responded to the claims on November 11th, stating “Our game is not stolen.” And the “developer” said the original creator was “One of the former developers of our user team TJ ATOMICA he left our team a long time ago. but now he claims that the entire project belongs to him. but this is completely false.”

TJ ATOMICA also filed a DMCA notice to Steam and is waiting for a reply. As of the posting of this article he hasn’t heard anything back from the company. However, I don’t expect for him to get a prompt response because companies tend to take their time regarding DMCA notices. Except for YouTube, because the “developer” did a copyright strike on TJ’s video and now people can’t view the video. And he doesn’t want to file a counter because his personal information will go to the “developer,” who may use it inappropriately.

As of the posting of this article Team YouTube responded the tweets, telling TJ the various ways to counter the strike. The company didn’t seem to care that TJ doesn’t want to counter the strike because he has to send his personal information to another party. Team YouTube told him to wait for the strikes to drop off from his account, which takes 90 days.

11/14 3:30 PM UPDATE: The game is no longer available on Steam. It appears it disappeared about an hour ago. Upon searching for the game I can’t find it, and the links I had to the game redirect me to the Steam’s homepage.

Where to Find The Original Demo

If you want to play the game download the free version from the original creator’s page on

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