Heroku Removing Free Dynos

Heroku removing free dynos from their pricing plan is bad news for developers and coders all over the world. This was a popular platform to host web apps or test out stuff while writing code. I used it myself to host two of my web apps because it was very cost-effective. Soon I will have to pay for this service and I made the choice not to. Why? I’ll explain below.

Why Is Heroku Removing Free Dynos?

The platform explains their reasoning in this blog post on their site. Here’s the key point from the post:

Our product, engineering, and security teams are spending an extraordinary amount of effort to manage fraud and abuse of the Heroku free product plans. In order to focus our resources on delivering mission-critical capabilities for customers, we will be phasing out our free plan for Heroku Dynos, free plan for Heroku Postgres, and free plan for Heroku Data for Redis®, as well as deleting inactive accounts.

So Heroku’s reasoning is there is too much fraud with their free dynos so they need to remove the entire tier to keep their platform safe. While I don’t argue there is probably some fraud and abuse happening, I think the company could combat that better than just removing free dynos all together.

What I think is happening is that Heroku has many customers using their free tier and not enough using their paid services. Thus, they are trying to force some of those customers into paying for their services. In turn, the company will make more money. And I understand companies have to make money to stay afloat. Heroku has employees to pay and infrastructure to maintain. However, I think many of their customers will leave the platform to use competitors offering free tiers. I did.

Which Platform Am I Using Now?

What platform am I using now since Heroku removing free dynos messed with my web apps? Google Cloud.

Yep, I migrated my web apps onto Google Cloud because it offers a very competitive free tier. And their pricing beyond their free tier is quite inexpensive. More inexpensive than Heroku’s paid plans.

I spent this past Labor Day weekend comparing different sites and platforms before deciding on Google Cloud. Then I spent more time reading their documentation on how to deploy my web apps onto their platform.

Overall, I’m happy with the service so far. I got free SSL certificates for my web apps and they are running pretty well without issue. I’ll continue to use Google Cloud for the foreseeable future, and I do recommend it to other developers seeking free web app hosting.

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