How Not To Spend Money Overview

The following posts start the conclusion of the section of the How To Live Totally Free plan relating to reducing your lifestyle and standard of living. This section is all about Variable Expenses and is probably the easiest or most difficult to control, depending on your personality and relationship with money. The first post for this section is the overview of how not to spend money. This post sets up the upcoming articles telling you different ways to cut back your spending so you don’t have to work a job (or reduce your working hours) to live.

How Not To Spend Money Topics

I will discuss the following topics in the upcoming articles:

  • Using fasting to reduce your food intake (so you spend less on groceries)
  • Learning to live being hotter in the Summer and colder in the Winter to save money on heating/cooling costs
  • Buy as much used items as possible
  • Cook at home and only eat out as a treat
  • Split costs with your family or roommates on various types of purchases

I will use my experiences living this way to write the articles. Again, my suggestions may not work exactly for you and your situation so feel free to change it up. I am a single woman living with family to cut my costs. You may have a family so you can’t drastically cut your variable expenses. Or you’re not willing to make certain changes. Overall, I think these topics will help you along the way.

Controlling your variable expenses now before you being the plan is key, because you must change your mindset beforehand. That’s why I titled this article how not to spend money. When you don’t have much money coming in, or if you’re living on savings, you can’t just spend money whenever.

If you miss any of the posts of the How To Live Totally Free series you can find all the posts here.

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