How To Develop The Entrepreneurial Mindset

As the Great Resignation continues into 2022, we’re seeing more people here in America leave their employers to start their own business. Either opening a brick-and-mortar shop, creating an online store, or doing some freelancing or contract work. However, there is still a population of employees who want to take the leap but don’t think they’re ready. Others know they’re definitely not ready but want to know how to develop the entrepreneurial mindset. After years of growing this mindset for myself I will share what I learned in this easy-to-follow guide.

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How To Develop The Entrepreneurial Mindset: Learn The Realities Of Entrepreneurship

The first step on how to develop the entrepreneurial mindset is to learn the realities of the lifestyle.

There are many people who call themselves an entrepreneur because they run their own business. Or they have a business card with CEO or Founder as their title. You will see them parade on LinkedIn, writing posts about their hustle or product or service. Yet, when you actually get to talk to him or her and ask specific questions you will learn quickly these individuals don’t have an entrepreneurial mindset. While they look the part these individuals will collapse when times get tough.

There’s an image of entrepreneurs that’s popular in social media but it’s false. Here’s what the false image looks like: The guy or gal posting how they love working for himself or herself and pokes fun at the employees working a regular shift. Or they gloat about having the ability to work from a beautiful location outside while sipping a nice drink while the employees have to work in a building.

Reality is harsher than the rosy portrait online. Because most entrepreneurs work long hours and don’t have the time to gloat about their flexible work schedules. I know I don’t. They don’t post about rising early in the morning to meet a deadline, or how their deal fall apart at the last moment and there goes their income for the month. Thus, when these types of realities hit many people crumble and their businesses fail.

A good entrepreneur to watch so you can learn about the realities of this lifestyle is Gary Vaynerchuk. He discusses how long and hard he works even now after becoming successful. And he’s honest about how hard and lonely this lifestyle is at times.

How To Develop The Entrepreneurial Mindset: Become A Creator Instead Of A Consumer

The second step on how to develop the entrepreneurial mindset is to become a creator instead of consuming goods and services.

The mindset in America is to buy goods and services. Not because we need them to survive, but because the more we consume the “better” we will appear to others. Think about it: When we see a person driving a fancy car many of us are not only impressed but think higher of that person than someone driving a junker. Or if we view someone with the latest iPhone we want to be like him or her too.

In addition to those reasons, consuming just feels good. We want to spend the money we work hard for on things that give us joy. However, this mindset is incompatible with entrepreneurship. This spirit of work requires you to create resolutions to a problem. It requires that you create something that someone else can consume. It can be creating a clothing line for a particular lifestyle or hobby. Or you could create websites for startups. Or you could record and edit videos for individuals and companies.

Once you start cultivating this mindset you will see resolutions to all types of problems or products/services people could use. And that’s the way you become a successful entrepreneur.

Final Way: Start Moving Fast

The final step on how to develop an entrepreneurial mindset is to start moving fast.

This lifestyle is constantly moving, and usually the current is fast pace. Thus, it’s hard for some individuals to keep up. However, if you want to become an entrepreneur you need to develop the ability to move quickly about a new idea. That means work late into the night to get the website up. Or work longer to iron out all the product details or what the service will offer.

You can’t sit and wait to get the idea just perfect. I’m not telling you to rush something onto the market that may be totally flawed or dangerous to the public, but you also can’t wait until all the bugs are fixed. There is a person out there in the world working on your idea. If you wait too long he or she will publish it and you will kick yourself for not moving faster.

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