How To Find And Keep A Developer For Your Site

This guide will teach you how to find and keep a developer for your site. I work at a web hosting company providing Linux technical support for Managed Hosting, including VPS and Dedicated Servers. I deal with customers everyday who need a developer to fix problems on their website, yet they ask us, their web hosting company, to do just that. When I explain that the company’s Terms Of Service doesn’t include that these customers either get upset or disappointed. And I understand why: Maybe their developer left. Or they couldn’t afford a developer anymore. There are situations the customer built the site on their own and never had a developer. So how can you avoid this problem? Continue reading to find out.

How To Find And Keep A Developer: Ask Around

The first way on how to find and keep a developer is to ask around. Ask people you know that have a website already. Usually they can tell you the developer he or she used. Then you can view the developer’s website and check out the work he or she did for other clients.

If you don’t have anyone close who has a website you can ask around on social media. Create a post or a tweet asking for suggestions for a web developer or a company to help you build a website. And when you do this be specific as possible. If you want to create a blog website then say that. Or if you want to build an online store then make sure to say that. You should do this because some developers aren’t as knowledgeable about certain technologies than others. Maybe a certain developer doesn’t want to build online store or personal blogs. Thus, if you state what you need beforehand you won’t waste time.

How To Find And Keep A Developer: Use Freelancing Websites

The second way on how to find and keep a developer is to use freelancing websites like Fiverr and Upwork.

These sites are great because you have access to a large selection of developers of all skill-types and budgets. Hence, if you are looking for a developer proficient in PHP you can find one. Or if your budget is a certain number you can filter results based on it.

In addition, you will get a bio from the developer, where he or she is located, past work done for previous clients, and their current rating and reviews. From that you can do your research to see if this developer will be right for your project. Or if you have questions you can ask them prior to hiring him or her.

Another benefit of using freelancing sites is that you are protected from getting scammed. There are too many developers on the Internet who will take your money and run. Sometimes individuals get their money back, but other times they don’t. So if you use Fiverr or Upwork the company holds your money until you get your site as stated in the job contract. This is only a general description of that protection. Please read the site’s guidelines for more specific information.

How To Keep A Developer: Purchase A Support Retainer

The best way to keep a developer is to purchase a support retainer. This could be a monthly charge or an annual plan that will keep the developer providing support for you website. Thus, your site will continue to run smoothly and receive the updates its need to stay secure.

The support retainer can be costly but it’s needed. Although you could take control over your website and install updates and keep it running smoothly do you have the time and skill-set to do that? In my experience many business owners don’t. Over time those owners don’t apply critical updates leading to site downtime. Or a hacker successfully infects their site leading to additional problems and site downtime. When either problem happens that means the owners has to spend more money to get the site working properly. And that cost is more expensive than paying a developer their support retainer.

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