How To Handle Doubt While Creating Content

Listen up Creative People: Stop doubting yourself and release your work! This message comes from a fellow creative person who knows how worrying if the public will like your book, video, or music can stop you from releasing your talent. Here are some tips on how to handle doubt while creating content.

Tip #1 On How To Handle Doubt While Creating Content: Everyone Starts From The Bottom

The first tip on how to handle doubt while creating content is to realize that everyone starts from the bottom. No one is given a paying audience that loves everything he or she puts out there. So since you know that now you should go ahead and get started.

As for me, I learned this lesson long ago. Oh, I will concede that learning this does take time because social media makes it appear many content creators can hit it big when they start. While there are exceptions, yes, you are probably not going to be one. I’m not either.

When I started my YouTube channel I had zero subscribers. Then I got a few people to subscribe. Then I got fifty. From there I got 100 and I was excited! I felt on top of the world because I thought no one would pay attention to my videos, let alone subscribe to get more. Yet they did. So don’t give up because you will gain an audience on your ascent.

Tip #2 On How To Handle Doubt While Creating Content: Your Early Content Will Suck

The second tip on how to handle doubt while creating content is to realize that your first creations, be it music or art, will suck.

Going back to my YouTube channel the first batch of my videos sucked. The audio wasn’t good because I was using my smartphone to record them. And my hand was shaky because I wasn’t using a tripod. I even recorded some vertical videos. Yes, I know, I know.

I didn’t know better back then. Thus, I made a bunch of mistakes. And so will you. Your first music single won’t be perfect. Neither will your first painting. And your short story will have plot holes. Before you let this get you down remember that the same happened to popular artists, writers, and musicians. They released their early content out to the public and it bombed. Yet, they didn’t allow that to stop them and they continued improving.

When I look back at the stories I wrote or my early videos I do cringe a little. That’s fine, though. Because that means I learned from my mistakes and improved my craft.

Final Tip: Don’t Start The “What If?”

The final tip on how to handle doubt while creating content is to not start the cycle of “what if.” If you do then you must do you best to escape it quickly. That fear will kill your inspiration which will lead to your career failing. So stop doubting yourself unless you want your career to fail.

Now, this cycle is hard to break. I still find myself saying “what if I fail?” or “what if I don’t make any money?” because fear never leaves. It’s always in your mind waiting to pop out when you feel insecure or antsy. So how do I deal with this? I like to imagine myself failing just to see what the consequences are. If my business fails then I go back to working a regular job like everyone else. Overall, that’s not bad because I’ll have a way to make money, have health insurance, and a story to tell later on.

What about my writing career? What would I do if I got bad reviews or didn’t sell any books? Well, at least I tried. I completed a novel (which is a feat upon itself) and put it out there for the public to read. I know this: If I didn’t try then no one read my stuff either.

So don’t let this hold you back. Go out there, create your content, and release it for the world to see and hear!

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