How To Live Totally Free Ebook Coming Soon!

Hey everyone, I have a big announcement to make: How To Live Totally Free ebook coming soon! Yep, these blog posts under that category will become an ebook so you can read them at your leisure. And I’m going to expand on the posts and provide full details of the plan so you can live totally free like I do.

How To Live Totally Free Ebook Coming Soon Details

What Is The Ebook About?

This is a guide explaining how anyone can live a life free of certain societal and employment commitments. That way each person can live their life – and use their time – as each individual sees fit.

The guide helps individuals reduce their lifestyle and standard of living so they can use those savings to live by their own terms. Thus, they can forgo working full-time for an employer or seek alternative forms of employment.

What Will This Ebook Cover?

The ebook will cover the following steps of the plan:

  • Step #1: Change your lifestyle to reduce the reader’s standard of living
    • Save money on the following living expenses:
      • Housing
      • Transportation
      • Healthcare
      • Debt
      • Variable Expenses
  • Step #2: Develop your living totally free plan
    • The reader creates their plan from the following:
      • Develop a best-case and worst-case plan
      • Determine how a person uses their time
      • Perform a dry run of their plan
      • Choose a date to enact the plan
      • Monitor their financial and mental well-being regularly
  • Step #3: Alternative way to make income
    • The reader can find alternative ways to make income to keep from using all their savings:
      • Self-employment
      • Taking on Gig Economy jobs
      • Become a content creator
      • Taking part-time work

In each step I will go into extensive detail how to accomplish each so the reader can create their plan. These steps will take my experiences and the experiences of others to aid the reader along their journey.

The Release Date

So How To Live Totally Free ebook coming soon but what is “coming soon?” When will I release the book? I’m trying to release the book this Fall. I’m still writing it and I’m not done with the first draft yet. If I dedicate a good majority of my time to the book maybe I can get it ready for publication on Amazon Kindle and Gumroad in early October. However, that date could change. To keep updated about the release date follow my Twitter and my website.

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