How To Review YouTube Sponsorship Opportunities

After you develop a sizable subscriber base on YouTube you will get emails from companies offering you money to advertise their product or service. And you may not know what to do. Should you take the money? What does the company want you to do? Do you have a sign a contract? These are questions I asked myself after companies reached out to me. From my experience this is how to review YouTube sponsorship opportunities.

How To Review YouTube Sponsorship Opportunities: Always Research The Product Or Service

The first step on how to review YouTube sponsorship opportunities is to always research the product or service from the company. Why? This is a great indication if the company is reputable or looking for victims to scam.

The first sponsorship opportunity I received was from a mobile gaming company. They offered me $100 to include a 30 second ad in my video about their mobile game. I go online and search about the game. That’s when I discovered it was from the same company that makes TikTok. I’m not a fan of that social media platform because it has to disclose customer’s data to China.

Another issue that gave me pause about the company is that the game was free-to-play but the reviews from players said the only way to get ahead in the game was to spend money. I rather not advertise a product that may cause a gambling addiction or cost my viewers large amounts of cash. Although I wouldn’t be the one responsible for those problems, I would be culpable slightly because I advertised the game.

How To Review YouTube Sponsorship Opportunities: If The Company Is Pushy Then Decline

The second step is to ask any questions you have about the sponsorship opportunity and analyze the company’s response. If they are too pushy then run. And if they don’t answer any of your questions and are pushy then definitely run!

This happened to me recently when a company selling and NFT project offered me $1000 to advertise their project in a future video. Honestly, I felt uneasy about this offer immediately because the NFT market is pretty scammy at the moment. There’s too many projects that turn out to be scams and people lose everything.

However, I was going to give the company the benefit of the doubt and asked them a few questions after doing my research about them. I wanted to verify the project wasn’t a scam and what they would use the project’s funds on. Well, their reply didn’t answer any of my questions and pushed money in my face. They offered to give me $500 now and give me the rest after the video came out. Because of this I declined their offer politely.

Final Tip: Determine If The Offer Fit Your Channel

My final tip is determine if the sponsorship opportunity fits your channel. If you make videos about beauty and makeup and a company wants you to advertise car parts that’s a poor match. A reason the company might do this is because you have a large subscriber base and they want eyes on their products.

The latest offer I’m taking is for a video game and that fits my channel perfectly because I do discuss video games and play them on stream or record the gameplay. Plus, the game is one I would try out as I enjoy Role-Playing Games (RPGs) and so does my audience.

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