I’m No Longer On Twitter

As of today I’m no longer on Twitter. I deactivated my account, deleted the bookmark on my desktop, and removed the app from my phone.

Why I’m No Longer On Twitter

The main reason why I left the platform because of the fighting. People debate with each other foolishly over topics meant to divide people. Watching people trying to convince the other side their argument is right is tiresome.

Now I used to be one of those people long ago. Yet, over the past few years I decided it’s futile trying to convince someone online to change their mind. Because most people don’t want to change their mind; they want to tell others they are wrong. So I let them.

Thus, I avoided all the negativity and division on the app. It helped I curated my feed to follow certain individuals and/or topics. However, these two tools aren’t working anymore.

Each day on Twitter bombards me with more and more division and anger and insanity than the prior day. And the platform’s fun factor decreased over the years. All the fun or meme accounts either become political or banned.

So I’m done. I’m not wasting my time and ruining my mood over the bird app any longer. I should’ve deleted my account when I left Twitter in December 2020. I sold the last of my stock earlier this year during the Elon Musk fiasco and bought AMD instead.

What’s Next For Me

Since I’m no longer on Twitter what’s next for me regarding social media platforms? Nothing. I don’t want to join another.

I think social media is no longer useful for me or many people in this world. These platforms addict their users and suck them into their world inside the app. And each company does create a world inside their application.

Plus, I rather not connect to people this way anymore. I like to talk to people face-to-face or over the phone so I’m going to return to that. That means I will talk to less people, however, because most want to stay connected via some platform or app. Maybe that’s for the best. We humans shouldn’t have that many personal connections because we lack the mental strength to deal with it all.

How To Contact Me

You can contact me here.

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I agree a lot with this. Social media is corrupted and corrupting its users. It’s not made to help people, instead it’s been designed to hook you. Twitter is one of the worst. It pretends to be a free, open platform but is censored heavily.

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