I’m On GitHub!

In my latest announcement I want to tell everyone that I’m on GitHub! You can checkout my profile here and view my repos here.

Why Is I’m On GitHub?

The first reason is that I want a place online where I can showcase my programming knowledge and progress. With GitHub I can upload my code snippets along with programs I write. Thus, I can use this to show my experience to others, including recruiters and hiring managers. Yes, I could do that on this website but this isn’t the right place to display the changes that happen to my source code. Thus, I’m on GitHub.

The second reason is that I may want to get a programming job in the future. Even though I transitioned to self-employment in January 2021, there were some changes to my personal life in late 2021. Those changes required me to sell my house, move back home, and get a full-time job in addition to running my businesses. Right now I’m working remotely for a web hosting company doing technical support. Although I didn’t see myself staying with the job for a long time they do have Junior Software Development roles occasionally and that piqued my interest. Because I still want to try my handle writing code professionally I need to work on improving my programming skill-set and have a place to showcase my talent.

Finally, there are many projects and frameworks and libraries I use in my code that I would to keep abreast of. Many, if not all of the ones I use, have repos on GitHub. That allows me to keep up-to-date with their improvements or determine if there’s any open issues causing my code problems.

I’m On GitHub And So Are My Projects

If you check out my GitHub account you’ll see the source code of my web apps, along with code I’m currently working on for some projects. Unfortunately, some of those projects I stopped working on due to my move and having to focus on other life stuff. Next, you’ll see all of my progress, including any issues I come across and how I fixed them. Basically, the life of a programmer. Finally, you’ll discover I’m using some of my repos to run several Heroku apps.

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