Is cPanel University Worth Your Time?

While shopping for web hosting you probably see many companies offer cPanel as a control panel. According to Datanyze, cPanel has about 17% of the web hosting control panel market share. The big leader in this market is Plesk. Even though cPanel is the little guy in this area they are well-known. Most people I know choose it for their control panel when they purchase web hosting. Yet, I bet most people aren’t using the service to its fullest. The company knows that too which is why they created cPanel University. Now it’s not an actual university, but it’s a website offering a set of classes and certification tracks for free. So is cPanel University worth your time? I recently went through taking several classes and completing a certification track so I’m here to if it is or isn’t.

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Is cPanel University Worth Your Time? Yes, If Use The Control Panel In Your Career

Is cPanel University worth your time? Yes, if you use the control panel to make money. It doesn’t matter if you work at a web hosting company, or a small business owner reselling a server to other business owners. If your livelihood is through cPanel then learning how to use the control panel properly is worth your time.

I work at a web hosting company and during training my trainer told the class several times to create an account and learn how to use the control panel. I signed up even though I had prior experience with it. Frankly, I thought I would zoom through the training easy-peasy. I was wrong. There was so much I didn’t know about cPanel. And I’ve been using it for over a year now with one of my hosting packages.

Finally, if you’re not actively using it to make money but want to in the future then joining cPanel University is worth your time. You will learn the basics about the control panel all the way up its advanced features. Then you can use this knowledge to get a job as many web hosting companies accept this training as valid experience. Especially if the company is a certified cPanel Partner.

Is cPanel University Worth Your Time? Yes, If You Want To Learn Advanced Techniques

Is cPanel University worth your time? Yes, if you want to learn how to become a proficient salesperson or administrator. The university offers classes for the following tracks:

  • Sales
  • Technical


Unfortunately, there’s only one Sales track available on cPanel University but it appears to be pretty extensive.

cPanel Sales Professional

This track improves the knowledge about cPanel for those who sell web hosting packages and/or control panels. There is also role-playing scenarios in the courses to help you prepare for conversations with potential customers. By completing all the courses one earns the following certification: Sales Professional.

While I didn’t take this track as my job isn’t in Sales, I do suggest anyone involved in web hosting sales to take the courses. Again, they’re free so if you don’t like it at least you didn’t waste any money.


This track has several courses, ranging from beginner to advanced. These courses are quite extensive and will require a major time requirement, especially if you want to complete them all.

cPanel Fundamentals

I suggest you start with this course first, as it’s the first course I took. As the website states: “This course will provide you with the basic principles you’ll need to understand administration within your cPanel account-level interface. Learn the fundamentals of web hosting, DNS, file management, databases and more in this brief, informative course. If you’re new to cPanel, or new to web hosting, this is where you want to begin!​”

Even though this is a beginner’s course there’s much to learn and I came away with some new tricks and understanding about various features.

cPanel Professional

The next course I took was the cPanel Professional which takes more time than the Fundamentals class. Not only is it a longer course but it has harder quizzes due to the material covered. Don’t let that dissuade you as there’s much to learn, and completing this certification prepares you for the more advanced courses. Actually, it’s a prerequisite. If you don’t complete this course you can’t takes the Administrator courses.

Administrator Courses

Unfortunately, I can’t give much information about the various Administrator courses available on the site because I ran out of time during training. And I haven’t gone back to take the courses due to time constraints. However, I will suggest you to take these courses if you want to or need to perform more advanced functions. cPanel is a powerful control panel and you can do extensive damage to a website if you don’t know what you’re doing.

Downsides Of The University

There are a few downsides to cPanel University and they revolve around the quizzes within the courses and the tests at the end.

Both have a problem of not containing questions about the topic covered in the particular class. Each time I took a quiz or the final test I had questions that didn’t pertain to the information covered. Thus, I got the question wrong or I looked up the answer online. Then later in the course I would finally the learn the content to answer the question correctly. And those questions do reappear.

That’s another downside to cPanel University: The test questions repeat. I know this is all free and it takes money to hire a staff to not only create the training courses but make test questions. However, it appears they only made a certain number and then mix them together in a random order. So as you progress through the coursework you will get quizzes and tests that contain the same questions over and over. At one point I remembered the answers so I could get through the tests quicker.


Is cPanel University worth your time? Yes, in my humble opinion. It’s free to use, offers detailed courses, and you can easily use your knowledge to get a job or create your own business.

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