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Is Twitter Rehiring Fired Employees?

is twitter rehiring fired employees
According to anonymous Twitter managers the company is rehiring some fired employees because they need their experience to build features Elon Musk wants.

Is Twitter rehiring fired employees? According to the many reports all over the Internet right now, yes. You can read about this on Blind, which is an anonymous professional network were employees spill juicy details about problems at work. (Others use it to give honest review about their employer too.) And these reports are all over Twitter currently. Even Bloomberg wrote an article about this topic.

Why Is Twitter Rehiring Fired Employees?

According to the posts on Blind is because of the following two reasons:

  • The company moved too fast to fire employees
  • Managers didn’t know the technical expertise of their employees, and fired employees whose experience the company needs to build new features Elon Musk wants.

In my opinion, the second reason is on the fault of the managers. They should know what their staff expertise is, and what projects they are familiar with. I understand Elon Musk didn’t explain all the features he wanted – or even projects we wants to resurrect (like Vine) – at first. So that caused some employees to be cut who shouldn’t haven’t. That’s what happens when companies take certain actions too quickly. Which leads me to my next point.

What Can Business Owners Learn From This?

The first lesson they can learn from this is to move slower. I understand in business companies have to move fast because gaining market share is one of the keys to success. However, if a small or large business takes quick action without thinking it through then that can cause additional problems. And usually those problems will waste time, energy, and money.

Another lesson business owners can learn from this is to know your staff’s talents. This goes beyond doing a potential layoff in the future. Owners need to know how their employees can benefits the company with their skill-set. If an owner doesn’t ask the right questions or just forgets over time, then the owner could lose money by not harnessing those talents. Or the owner could lose the employee to another company because the employee feels underutilized.

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[…] We’ll have to wait and see which other departments see job cuts. It appears Amazon is going through this process slowly, which isn’t bad in my opinion. They probably don’t want to repeat the mistake Elon Musk made with his hasty job cuts at Twitter, requiring him to try to rehire specific employees. […]

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