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John Carmack Leaves Meta

john carmack leaves meta
John Carmack ends his 10 year stint in VR by leaving Meta.

John Carmack Leaves Meta, and the former Chief Technology Officer of Oculus VR explains why on his Facebook account which you can read here. However, I will boil down his long explanation to focus on the key points.

John Carmack Leaves Meta Due To “Self-Sabotage”

John Carmack Leaves Meta and he has “mixed feelings” about this decision. Why does he have “mixed feelings” about his departure? It’s because he loves what he’s done with the Quest 2: “Quest 2 is almost exactly what I wanted to see from the beginning – mobile hardware, inside out tracking, optional PC streaming, 4k (ish) screen, cost effective.”

In addition, he enjoys that “despite all the complaints I have about our software” running the hardware “millions of people are still getting value out of it.” The former CTO of Oculus VR believes the company has “a good product. It is successful, and successful products make the world a better place.” The main problem he has with Meta is speed, stating if the company made different decisions everything would have moved faster.

The Break Point

So why is Carmack leaving? As he states in his Facebook post: “The issue is our efficiency.”

He doesn’t like how Meta continues to “self-sabotage” itself with inefficiency. Carmack correctly states when a company is inefficient it’s not ready to compete against its competitors. And Meta has many in the VR space: Valve (Valve Index), Sony (PS VR2), and HTC (new upcoming headset) to name a few. Also, Carmack dislikes seeing the large number of employees and resources wasted. He states: “I think our organization is operating at half the effectiveness that would make me happy.”

Even though he was the CTO of VR at Meta, Carmack said he didn’t have the power to make changes or stop “stupid things before they cause damage.” He felt individuals at the company didn’t listen to his voice. Or he wasn’t “persuasive enough” to get those people to listen to him. Now he could complete certain goals but it took a year after much work from him. Thus, John Carmack leaves Meta because the executive leadership doesn’t believe in his ideas nor his plans for the Quest 2.

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