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Modern Warfare II Earns One Billion In Ten Days

modern warfare ii earns one billion
Modern Warfare II continues to break franchise records as the game earns one billion dollars within the first ten days of its release.

Modern Warfare II earns one billion dollars in ten days of its release, according to a new press release from Activision Blizzard. This amount is a worldwide figure, making the newest game in the Call of Duty franchise the top-selling release.

Modern Warfare II Earns One Billion And Destroys Previous Records

The new release continues to break various records in the Call of Duty franchise after its release on October 28th. Reaching one billion dollars in less than two weeks after its release beats the previous record set by Black Ops II. That game earned one billion dollars fifteen days after its release in 2012.

Just as I did in my earlier article about the newest game earning eight hundred million dollars within the first five days of its release, let’s see how much one billion dollars from 2012 is now. Using this inflation calculator website one billion dollars in 2012 would be $1,292,751,552.74 in today’s dollars. So, again, while Modern Warfare II did break the record, Black Ops II still holds the record technically. Because its earnings are worth more. Inflation: Ain’t it great?

Player Engagement Continues To Strengthen

Modern Warfare II continues to see great strides in player engagement. In the latest press release from Activision Blizzard players worldwide played over 200 million hours of the game. In addition, there have been over one billion matches across all the major consoles and PC (except the Nintendo Switch since the game isn’t available for that console).

I’m not surprised by these numbers because there isn’t a comparable first-person shooter like Modern Warfare II available on the market. Oh yes, there are games like Apex Legends and Valorant, but those games revolving around hero classes. The CoD franchise pits player against player, and team against team. And it has a single-player campaign too. CoD franchise major competitor, Battlefield, continues to struggle. The last release, Battlefield 2042, fell flat and players abandoned the game. So it’s reasonable for some of those fans to flock to Modern Warfare II to get the first-person shooter gameplay they seek.

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