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Musk’s Twitter Purchase Affects Pending Telsa Trial

musk's twitter purchase
Musk's lawyers petition a Northern California judge to allow them to move the trail to Texas because they argue Elon Musk cannot get a fair trial in San Francisco due to "local negativity."

Musk’s Twitter purchase in late 2022 affects the pending Telsa trial in San Francisco according to his lawyers. His lawyers, as reported by CNBC, told a Northern California judge there’s too much “local negativity” against the new Twitter owner in the city. And they want the judge to grant their request to move the trial to Texas.

How Musk’s Twitter Purchase Affects The Telsa Trial

There are many reasons Musk’s Twitter purchase causes issues with the local residents of San Francisco. The first being the large and frequent number of layoffs at the company after his purchase. There are probably plenty of residents who know someone fired from the social media company. And it’s correct to assume those individuals probably don’t view Elon Musk in a great light.

Even Musk’s personal lawyer, Alex Spiro, echoed my thought: “A substantial portion of the jury pool in this District is likely to hold a personal and material bias against Mr. Musk as a result of recent layoffs at one of his companies as individual prospective jurors—or their friends and relatives—may have been personally impacted. The existing baseline bias has been compounded, expanded, and reinforced by the negative and inflammatory local publicity surrounding the events.”

Then there was the way how Musk handled the layoffs. Instead of taking time to figure out what employees and/or departments to keep, he cut deep and fast. So fast that Musk discovered he needed certain employees to help with the Twitter Blue revamp. Unfortunately, it seems many of the fired employees didn’t return, opting instead to take the severance package. Again, this move soured sentiment against the billionaire because it appeared he wanted to save money quickly. And it didn’t help his tweets about the cuts came off nonchalant.

In addition to those moves, Elon Musk decided to stop paying Twitter’s bills. He owes back rent for the San Francisco’s office, money for charter jet rides, and fired the janitors without notice. San Francisco residents probably view him as a billionaire using his wealth to take advantage of smaller companies because he can. Because the only option for these individuals is to sue him for restitution.

Is Moving The Trial The Right Option?

In my opinion, yes. I agree with Musk’s lawyers he cannot get a fair trial in San Francisco. The residents booed the new Twitter owner at a Dave Chappelle comedy show in December 2022 repeatedly. There’s just too much “local negativity” against Musk in the city.

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