My Experience Renovating A House

I recently purchased my second house. This time I chose an as-in house that needs work. I need that going in but I was fine with that because I’m pretty handy and I don’t mind doing some work myself. This journey isn’t for all home-buyers, however. Especially if you can’t or don’t want to do some of the work yourself. Here’s my experience renovating a house.

My Experience Renovating A House: Be Ready To Spend Money

Now if you’re buying brand-new construction or a house that’s already been fixed up then this doesn’t apply to you. However, if you’re purchasing a fixer-upper like I did then my experience renovating a house is to prepare to spend money.

The previous owner of my house listed it as-is. Mostly because she was the executor of the estate and her family didn’t maintain the home properly. I knew the roof had problems and probably had to be completely replaced. And I saw the main HVAC unit wasn’t working either. I erred on the side of caution and budgeted to replace it completely. As for the bedrooms I knew those needed paint and new carpet. The kitchen needed new appliances, paint, and flooring, and the bathrooms needed work too.

You’re probably adding up the figures in your head as you go along. Well, I did too. This is why some home-buyers just skip over as-is homes that need extensive work. I didn’t because I had the money from selling my previous house. And I spent that money to replace the HVAC system and the roof. I’m about to purchase appliances and get new flooring for the entire house.

My Experience Renovating A House: Get Your Hands Dirty To Save Money

To save money I’m doing a good amount of work on my house. I painted the entire interior of the house (with some help from my mom). That’s after I sanded and patched the multitude of nail holes from the previous owner. In addition I’m replacing all the electrical outlets and light switches. And I need to replace the old ceiling fans with light fixtures (we don’t like ceiling fans).

This is a short list of the tasks I need to do. Now, I could pay a handyman or a contractor to do this work for me but that would cost more money. Right now it’s the busy season for contractors and they will charge more because they are in demand. I rather do the work myself because I know the work is correct.

Finally, Create A Task List

My experience renovating a house and stay sane is to create a task list. I have a list of tasks I need to do now because it affects the functionality of the house. Then I have a list of tasks I to do later. This way I’m not stressing out. Plus, it helps saves money.

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