My How To Live Totally Free Plan Disclaimer

Before I write the future posts for this series here’s my How To Live Totally Free plan disclaimer.

Why A Disclaimer?

I don’t want to lead anyone into disaster, frankly. Plus, I don’t want to falsely convince anyone the journey is going to be easy. Finally, whenever I give people advice I also include a disclaimer of sorts. It’s one thing if you’re single without any dependents because if you mess up it’s only your life. However, if you have a spouse and/or children then you have to take additional care not to screw up their lives. I definitely don’t want to be cause of that.

My How To Live Totally Free Plan Disclaimer

Living this way is not easy. The journey is long because of the amount preparation you have to take on before starting. I wrote in a previous post about this subject how long it took me to save money and prepare my mindset for the drastic changes. In addition to those qualities you also need to have willpower. And if you are going on this journey with additional people (like family or friends) then those individuals need to have good willpower too. Without money, fortitude, and willpower you won’t be able to follow my plan successfully.

I say this because this lifestyle change requires extreme adjustments and large sacrifices. No longer can you be carefree with your money. Every decision you make can either increase the amount of time you can live totally free or hasten your return to working for someone else. Each time you decide to splurge on yourself or your family decreases the amount of time you can devote to yourself and your goals.

Finally, this lifestyle requires taking massive risks. Unfortunately, these risks could lead to failure. Thus, if you’re not comfortable with taking these risks then this plan may not be for you. And that’s fine. Failure sucks. I can tell you that from experience.

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