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My PlayStation 2023 Predictions

my playstation 2023 predictions
Here's my predictions for the console in 2023, focusing on upcoming titles, the new hardware coming out, and updates to PS Plus.

The new year is here! That means it’s time to guess what’s going to happen with the consoles. Second up is my PlayStation 2023 predictions.


First up in new hardware for the PS5 is the new DualSense Edge wireless controller. Releasing on January 26, 2023, this controller allows the user to customize it in various ways. One can replace the stick caps and the stick modules. However, the latter is sold separately. Finally, users can adjust the length of the trigger buttons and configure the back buttons. In addition, users can create different profiles to use depending on the type of game. The controller costs $199.99 USD and has worse battery life than the standard DualSense wireless controller. Despite that I believe the controller will sell well with PlayStation fans wanting to customize their controllers.

Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE) has some major hardware upgrades coming for the PS5. Next up is the PS VR2 which arrives on February 22, 2023. I wrote about the announcement of the release date, including its high price tag. The great improvements in the virtual reality technology over the PS VR1 is the reason for the hefty price of $549.99 USD. These improvements killed any chance at backwards compatibility. However, there is work to port the PS VR1 games to the PS VR2. Yet, SIE hasn’t confirmed any completion dates for that work. I believe the ports will take longer than expected.

Despite this news, I expect the new headset to sell well even with its high price tag. More people have the PS5 console now (which the headset needs to operate) and there are more people getting into virtual reality. What will determine if the PS VR2 is a success is the games.

Finally, there’s the possibility we’ll see a new version of the PS5. Insider Gaming reported in late 2022 SIE was to release a new PS5 console with a detachable disc drive. This change could allow SIE to make the console smaller. In addition, it could reduce repair costs as customers could buy a replacement disc drive and replace it themselves. I think this report is true and we could see this new version come out some time this year.

Subscription Services

My PlayStation 2023 predictions don’t include much for PS Plus. SIE already reconfigured the plans in 2022 to compete with Game Pass. However, some fans didn’t like the changes. Yes, PS Plus has more games available to play than Game Pass but it’s mostly PS3, PS4, and some PS5 games. SIE won’t even release their own first-party games on the service. So some fans think the more expensive plans aren’t worth the cost. And I agree.

Microsoft will continue to hold the edge when it comes to game subscription services because it does include AAA titles on the day of its release on Game Pass. And it includes its first-party games on the service too. Do I think SIE will change their tune and offer more highly-anticipated games on PS Plus this year? Nope. They rather have their customers pay $70 bucks because SIE is all about that money.

Upcoming Titles

For the finale of my PlayStation 2023 predictions let’s discuss upcoming titles for the PS5. Now this is where the console shines because of its list of exclusive games. First up is Forspoken a new IP from Square Enix which releases on January 24, 2023. There is a big push for the game at the moment because its release date is fast coming, and because this is a PS5 exclusive. (Yes, the game is also available for PC but I don’t consider the PC a console.)

The next big exclusive for the PS5 comes on June 22, 2023 with Final Fantasy 16. However, this game is a timed exclusive. Square Enix signed a 6 month exclusive deal with SIE.

Finally, there is Marvel’s Spider-Man 2. This highly-anticipated sequel will release sometime in the Fall of this year. I believe we’ll get a release date probably in the late Spring or Summer. Well, let’s hope. The game could get delayed. I don’t want that to happen but we’ll have to wait and see.

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