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My Xbox 2023 Predictions

my xbox 2023 predictions
Here's my predictions for the console in 2023, focusing on upcoming titles, updates to Game Pass, and the Activision Blizzard buyout.

The new year is here! That means it’s time to guess what’s going to happen with the consoles. First up is my Xbox 2023 predictions.


When it comes to my Xbox 2023 predictions I don’t see any new updates to the Xbox hardware. Microsoft appears to be happy with the design of both the Series S and the X. So I don’t expect those to change any time soon.

As for the internals of each system I would expect some changes in the chips as newer versions come onto the market. Hopefully the chip shortage does improve this year as the chip makers suggest. Yet, I don’t believe Microsoft will change out the CPU or even the GPU. Doing so would mark an upgrade to the console. However, I could be wrong and the console maker could move into this direction if there’s the potential to drastically improve the device.

Subscription Services

Next up in my Xbox 2023 predictions is a price increase for Game Pass. I uploaded a video about the price increase for the console’s first-party titles to my YouTube Channel. With this move many believe Microsoft will raise the price of the subscription service too.

The current price for the service for the console and PC is $9.99 USD a month. However, the “Ultimate” plan cost $14.99 USD a month because it includes Xbox Live Gold. So what could be the new monthly price? I wouldn’t be surprised if Microsoft increased the price of each plan by $5 USD. That way the company could slide in a cheaper plan containing ads.

Now I haven’t discussed the cheaper plan with ads because it’s a rumor at this time. However, Windows Central is reporting that the “cheaper tier would include all of Xbox’s exclusive library of games, including major first-party titles six months after launch. Those games, however, would play ads upon launch to help fund the tier.” There is some credence to this rumor as Windows Central reports “Microsoft also recently patented personalized ads to show in games.” Makes one think.

I could see the ad-supported plan cost $9.99 a month.Or it could cost cheaper than that depending if Microsoft can line up advertisers willing to pay big bucks to advertise their goods or services within games.

Upcoming Titles

The final of my Xbox 2023 predictions is about the upcoming titles for the console. And this is a pivotal year for Microsoft because the Xbox sorely needs great, exclusive games. However, there are three coming out some time in the near year:

  • Redfall
  • Starfield
  • Forza Motorsport

Redfall, the open-world game featuring all types of vampires to hunt and destroy, is developed by Arkane Austin. This developer is part of Zenimax Media, which Microsoft purchased in 2021. This AAA title is building in hype as the released gameplay looks fun and refreshing. Yet, what’s not so fun and refreshing is the release date. As of this article’s publication Arkane Austin hasn’t published a release date, nor a release window. All we know is the game will come out this year.

The same goes for Starfield. This game, developed by Bethesda Game Studios, was to release on November 11, 2022. That changed in May 2022 when Bethesda announced a delay to the game till 2023 so the developer could perform additional QA. As of this article’s publication there’s no release date, nor release window for the game.

Finally, Forza Motorsport will release some time this year…maybe. Checking the game’s website I don’t see anything regarding a release date for this year. Yet, there is an official trailer for the game. We’ll just wait and see.

And that’s what we’ll have to do for any additional games coming out for the console. There are rumors there will be a Xbox Showcase some time in January but those are just rumors.

The Activision Blizzard Acquisition

I don’t know what’s going to happen regarding the Activision Blizzard Acquisition. I uploaded a video about the lawsuit the FTC filed against Microsoft so we’ll have to wait until the trial to start. In addition to the FTC a group of gamers filed a lawsuit against Microsoft to stop the acquisition too. So Microsoft is going to be busy on defending themselves from both suits.

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