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New PS5 May Have A Detachable Disc Drive

new ps5
Sources say that Sony is going to release a new PS5 model in 2023 featuring a detachable disc drive. That could allow the company to make a Slim PS5 model.

According to Insider Gaming Sony may release a new PS5 model in 2023 with a detachable disc drive. This move isn’t surprising as the company said in previous reports it’s planning to make changes with the console’s hardware. The possible new change could lead to a Slim PS5.

New PS5 Details

Although the new PS5 will have identical hardware to the current models on the market, the new version will have a detachable disc drive. This drive will connect to the motherboard via an additional USB-C port on the back of the console. Thus, one could remove the disc drive if the owner doesn’t want to use it anymore. And this improves the repairability of the console, as if the disc drive breaks the owner can purchase just the drive instead of an entire console.

How Will It Look?

The removable disc drive in the new PS5 will not ruin the console’s appearance. According to the sources in the Insider Gaming article, Sony designed the disc drive to not look like an external device. And that’s whether the drive is in or out of the console.

Is A Slim Console Version Coming?

With this update to the console it opens the possibility that Sony could release a slimmer model. And that’s something the console maker has been working toward.

We all know the console is quite large and bulky, which makes it difficult to fit into entertainment centers or on tables. If Sony is able to reduce the height and width of the PS5 and keep its iconic design then that would make gamers happy. My brother has the console and he complains how tall and bulky it is, especially when one compares it to the PS4. That model easily fit into all types of entertainment centers, and looked slick on the top of tables and/or desks.

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