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New Twitter Blue Sees Upgrades & Price Increase

new twitter blue
Elon Musk tweets that the new Twitter Blue will cost $8 a month, comes with several new upgrades, including verification.

It seems that Elon Musk is testing out various price points for Twitter Blue on the platform to see how much users aren’t willing to pay. I wrote previously about how Twitter verification would cost $20 a month with the Twitter Blue subscription. However, there’s been uproar about this change from verified and non-verified users. In response to this, Elon Musk tweeted earlier today about a new Twitter Blue that would come with several upgrades and a smaller price increase. And the new price point seems to be one users are willing to pay.

New Twitter Blue Upgrades

Here’s Elon Musk’s tweets detailing the new Twitter Blue upgrades and price:

For those who can’t see/read the tweets he states the following:

  • Twitter Blue will increase in price from $4.99 a month to $8.
  • Price will adjust depending on the user’s country.
  • All subscriptions will come with verification.
  • Priority in Replies, Mentions & Search.
  • The ability to post longer video and audio clips.
  • Half as many ads than before.
  • Bypass paywalls for specific publications and/or websites.
  • A secondary tag for public figures underneath their name.

How Does This Benefit Users?

These upgrades benefit users because more of them get access to verification. Thus, they don’t have to go through the difficult process the company has right now.

In addition, having priority in replies, mentions, and search will help those who want to be seen by their favorite artist, musician, or other public figure. Thus, those users get a higher change of getting a reply to their tweet.

Having the ability to post longer video and audio clips is awesome because users are already used to that on YouTube and TikTok. Many are already uploading video and audio but have to do extensive editing to meet the platforms maximum length.

As for ads, seeing less of them is a boon because people don’t like ads.

Bypassing paywalls isn’t that new for Twitter Blue because users already get that feature with the current subscription. However, if the platform can add more websites and/or publications to their list that would improve the feature.

Finally, having a secondary tag for public figures helps differentiate them from other verified accounts. Which gives them status as many of them desire and/or expect.

How Does This Benefit Twitter?

The new Twitter Blue benefits Twitter because it provides a consistent revenue stream for the platform. And Elon Musk tweeted this in the above thread. And the platform needs different revenue streams to survive. Just depending solely on advertising isn’t smart nor safe. If advertisers pull their ads for whatever reason then Twitter makes less money.

The new owner states some of the money from the subscription service will be given to content creators, which is great for both creators and the company. Now creators will get paid for creating original content, and the platform can draw in users with that original content. And Twitter needs a way to attract new users and keep them. The best way to do that is pay content creators to create content only for Twitter.

Do I Think Users Will Sign Up To The New Twitter Blue?

In my previous post I was mixed about users signing up for a $20 a month subscription. I thought it was kinda pricey but worth it overall. However, for $8 a month I see more users signing up for not only for the verification, but also for the new upgrades. As for me, I would sign up.

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