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Nibel Quits Twitter

nibel quits twitter
Making money online is difficult, which is the main reason why Nibel quits Twitter and reporting video game news in general.

Sad news for video game news: Nibel quits Twitter. He made the announcement today on his Patreon page. If you try to access his tweets you get the following:

Nibel's Twitter account

Nibel Quits Twitter Because Making Money Online Is Difficult

Nibel created his Patreon account to help fund his career of reporting video game news. Checking his page now there are two membership levels to choose from: Supporter and Suppoter+. The former cost $1 a month and the latter is $3 a month. At the time of posting this article there are 987 patrons. Let’s say all of those patrons pay $1 a month, that’s only $987 dollars. While some may see this is a nice sum of money to report video game news online, it’s still a small amount. Especially if Nibel doesn’t have any other forms of income.

And reading through his Patreon message is appears he doesn’t. He couldn’t monetize his Twitter following. And it appears the creator believes the cause not because of who he is but his work of reporting video game news. Although he sees his work as a timesaver it’s not valuable. Thus, he was unable to make a living from it.

Personally, I understand his viewpoint about this because it’s difficult to make money online. Yes, having a big following helps, and Nibel has one, but a large follower doesn’t always equal consistent revenue.

Nibel Quits Twitter Because Elon Musk Bought Twitter

The other reason Nibel quits Twitter because Elon Musk bought Twitter. The creator believes the new manager will not be able to fix the issues plaguing the platform. Those problems being account impersonating popular accounts; the inability to gain Twitter verification; and leadership problems. Thus, Nibel thinks Elon Musk won’t be able to fix those problems and more and will leave. It doesn’t help that the new owner’s tweets causes problems, one of the many issues Nibel has with him.

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