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On Pause

I'm taking a break from publishing new articles on my website due to my new job which starts on May 8th and requires relocation.

As of the date of this post I am on pause writing and uploading new content on my website. This decision was one I thought about all last week because I just started posting new content and I’m excited. However, I’m starting a new job as a data center technician on May 8th and I’m excited about that too.

The Reason New Content Is On Pause

As I stated in the introduction paragraph I start a new job on May 8th as a data center technician with a large company. This new position is not in my current state and requires me to relocate. I knew this when the company reached out to me earlier this year, and was fine moving. Plus, the company would cover all of my moving costs. Due to upcoming relocation I’m not focused on writing new posts for my website. My focus is doing well in my new position, checking out the new city and the surrounding area, and finding new housing and moving my things up here.

New Content Will Return Eventually

Yes, new content is on pause right now but it will return eventually. When? I’m not sure. It could be at the beginning of June. Or it could be July or August. My new job does require me to travel and I’m not sure how fast the travel will start. I have to go through training first so I’m thinking that will take the remaining of May. I will keep everyone updated by making a new post on my website when new content returns.

When I do return I will have some tales from my new job but I know I won’t be able to discuss much. Because I’m under a NDA and other confidentiality agreements. I don’t want to lose this great opportunity.

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