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Panda Global Removes CEO, Increases Security

panda global
Panda Global removes its CEO due to the fallout from the Smash World Tour cancellation, and increases security around its employees due to increased threats.

Well, I didn’t expect this to happen so fast but Panda Global removes its CEO, Alan Bunney. And the company is increasing security around its employees and events due to increased threats.

Why Did Panda Global Remove Its CEO?

I reported about the cancelled Smash World Tour tournament, and how Panda Global’s CEO continued to tell various individuals and/or sponsors the tournament wasn’t going to happen. And it appears the growing controversy over the cancellation, and the CEO’s comments, are the main reasons for the ousting. Here’s the full explanation from the company’s Twitter account:

Since Bunney is no longer the CEO the company has a temporary Interim Management Committee (IMC) to “navigate this critical time.” Who are these individuals acting as CEO until the company elects a permanent CEO? We won’t know. Panda Global says the “identities of those in the IMC will not be made public at this time due to concerns over harassment and safety.” I agree with this move because there are many Super Smash Bros. fans seeking retribution for the cancellation of the Smash World Tour.

And it appears the CEO may not be the only employee leaving the company. The IMC will work with “any team member that desires to resign, including release from any contractual obligations.” I could see some employees want to leave because they don’t like the company’s behavior regarding its handling of its competitor. Although I think Panda Global’s business won’t crumble in the Esports community, there is major damage to its reputation. They will have to work hard to rebuild their reputation and their employee base.

Finally, there’s a delay with the Panda Cup Finals due to various security concerns. Those going to the event will get a refund in the “coming weeks.” I think this move was the right one too because who knows what could happen at the finals. I don’t want to assume someone would try to do something terrible there but in the world we live in today that’s a great possibility.

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