Powerlessness Creates Angry People

For the past several years the number of angry people I meet and have to deal with are increasing. As a happy-go-lucky person myself, for the most part, I had a hard time understanding this increase. I sought answers from various places like books, talking to others, and even seeking answers from the Internet. Slowly, the answers came to me in pieces. By the time I put together the puzzle I knew the cause of angry people: Powerlessness. Here’s my explanation on how powerlessness creates angry people.

Let’s Define Powerlessness

Let’s look at the definition of powerlessness as per the Oxford Languages: “Lack of ability, influence, or power.” Reading that definition paints a dark, stark picture of anyone feeling this way. And it’s incredibly easy to see why these people turn to anger. Because if you lack ability, if you are weak, or you have no authority over your life or choices then yes, this will erode your happiness. These people will become angry and seek to inflict this pain upon others. And that’s the big issue I have with this.

When I talked to my mom about this as she’s seen the increase too even though she lives in a different area, she says misery loves company. While that’s a tired trope it’s true. The angry people do their best to make you and me to feel as horrible as they feel. In a way, they want to strip away my power and your power so we will be on the same level as them.

Powerless Creates Angry People And They Use That Anger In Many Ways

How do angry people accomplish this? Through actions and words. Sometimes together or just using one or the other.

Powerlessness creates angry people and they use that anger in various forms. Some may inflict violence because it’s easy to do and gets a rapid response. Even if the person doesn’t want to hurt others, he or she may use the threat of violence to tear others down. People don’t want to be hurt so they give in or run away or fight back. Whatever happens the individuals involved have their lives changed for the worse usually.

It’s a difficult for the powerful to push through these attack because human nature prompts us to fight back to survive. However, some do and I suggest you do the same because you can’t give in to the powerlessness.

While violence is bad because of the destruction it brings, I believe words are worse. The reason I hold this viewpoint ins because words tend to stick in our minds. They burrow in deep and emerge periodically or constantly. People can push the words aside and keep living but eventually the hurtful words return and sap away more of their power.

And here’s the the worst part: These words don’t have to be harsh or destructive or offensive. Angry people can use sophisticated language to tear others down. They can use persuasive languages to strip away your power. Thus, these words can make you feel bitter about our lives slowly. Some may not even see the change overcoming them. It’s like the slowly-boiling frog: We don’t notice the water is getting hot until it’s too late.

If you allow the powerlessness to grow into a severe infection you can’t heal. Then you will probably become another angry person that will try to tear down others because as the saying goes: Misery loves company.

How To Defend Yourself

Now, let’s talk defense because you have to defend your mind and your power from the angry, powerless people. When I am confronted by a powerless person I stop and think. My first instinct is to fight back but that’s the wrong response. Angry people want a debate, and they want to bring you down to their level. Instead, I review the situation and determine a response. Sometimes I don’t respond.

Doing nothing is a valid choice. Doing nothing shows strength even though powerless people will tell you otherwise. Staying silent and walking away shows you are above the fray and won’t give into the misery. So that’s what I do and I’m the better for it.

It takes practice to do this but once you have the defense tactic in your arsenal you are basically invincible. The stress of the situation disappears and I’m happy to go about my day. I shake my head because I feel sorry for that powerless individual.

It’s because these people have to live within their own prison everyday and night. They can’t escape their weakness. They are stuck feeling trapped. I known they have urges to escape and rebuild their power but they can’t. The journey is too long and difficult for them. The climb is too treacherous. The possibility of defeat is too great for them.

I’ve tried to help some angry, powerless people change for the better by giving them advice. However, my attempts fail more than they succeed. Mostly because these people don’t want to change. Thus, I stop helping them and go about my life. Maybe that person will change for the better one day. Maybe. I don’t think so because of the lack of power. And powerlessness creates angry people.

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